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School or Skills: How Employers Feel About ‘Tearing the Paper Ceiling’

In the fall of 2022, a coalition of nearly 50 organizations launched the “Tear the Paper Ceiling” campaign in an effort to convince employers to shed degree requirements for certain jobs. The thinking goes that such requirements are often unnecessary and not only make hiring more difficult than it has to be but also hold […]

Employees Don’t Think College Adequately Prepared them for the Workforce

In a recent survey conducted by Go1 and shared with Fortune, it was revealed that many employees are questioning the value of a bachelor’s degree in today’s job market. The survey, which included input from more than 3000 employees from the US, UK, and Australia, found that nearly half of the respondents felt that universities […]

Why Employers Should Evolve Hiring Practices to Focus on Skills

Today’s workers aren’t just looking for a job; they desire the feeling of belonging and support in the workplace. Unfortunately, many employees aren’t getting what they need from their employers. Just 36% of employees feel empowered and supported at work, and the proportion of employees who do not feel included in their organizations is 10 […]

Want to Boost Diversity? Exec Sees Win-Win in Dropping Degree Requirements

Paris Wallace says he’s been an entrepreneur his whole life, and he’s passionate about lowering the barriers that keep others from the success he’s enjoyed. As CEO and cofounder of Ovia Health, a family health benefits platform based in Boston, he’s eager to hire smart, creative, innovative, capable people. But he’s quick to say they […]


New research urges a rethinking of 4-year degree requirements

When designing a recruiting and hiring process, few employers would intentionally build a system that automatically excludes qualified candidates. But new research indicates that’s what sometimes happens with employers seeking middle-skills workers. Such a system hurts not just the jobseeker but also the employer hoping to attract and retain productive employees from a variety of […]