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How to Prepare for Difficult Conversations Remotely

During ‘The Great Resignation,’ 4.4 million people left jobs in September and another 4.2 million left in October, according to the U.S. Labor Department. Most of these employees are quitting because they are finding better work environments and higher pay. Therefore, every manager and HR professional is focused right now on employee retention – especially […]

Bedside Manners Aren’t Limited to Healthcare Workers

2020 was a challenging year for many, and it’s brought forth the need for several difficult conversations in the workplace. Whether it was having to tell someone he or she had been laid off or telling your boss you didn’t complete that report because you had to help your child with virtual school, one thing […]

7 things I learned while practicing labor and employment law

by Tom Daniel I have had the privilege of practicing labor and employment law in Alaska for 31 years. Over that time, the law has become more complex, and more laws than ever before now apply to the employment relationship. Here are some nonlegal principles I have learned that might help you avoid legal disputes […]

Take steps to ensure smooth transitions when terminating employees

by Thomas J. Lloyd III One of the most difficult aspects of running a business can be managing the personnel, especially when it comes to terminating employees. Some people say that the three most important things in life are your health, your family, and your job. When the time comes for a business to take […]

Tough talks for tough situations at work: How to keep calm, get success

Maybe an employee’s performance has gone downhill or someone’s prickly personality is making coworkers miserable. Or maybe a personal hygiene problem requires action. Any number of situations that land in HR’s lap can trigger the need for a difficult conversation. No pat set of instructions exists since each situation is unique, but keeping a few […]

Workplace violence: Using threat assessment to reduce risk

Workplace violence—it’s a subject so difficult and so frightening that employers may feel paralyzed when considering how to prevent it. If someone is showing violent tendencies, an employer may want to fire the employee to remove the threat. But what if that’s the action that triggers more rage, worsening the risk instead of reducing it? […]

Coach or terminate? Developing a strategy for ‘difficult’ employees

What supervisor or human resources professional hasn’t asked the question: Why can’t people work together without deliberately making the working environment insufferable? Why don’t people use their energy to solve differences instead of lashing out in anger? There may be no easy answers to those questions, but understanding why conflict occurs and following a strategy […]