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Edginess About Ebola Points to Need for Pandemic Preparation

An outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus in Africa is causing concern in the United States, as the medical community and various organizations watch to see if the outbreak will be contained, or will spread globally. Although this situation is occurring thousands of miles away, it is a good reminder for businesses in the United […]


Tips for responding when bad weather strikes

When a hurricane, tornado, flood, or other natural disaster hits, HR must have plans for employee safety, business continuity, and a dozen other issues. With that in mind, we rounded up resources to help you make sure you and your organization are prepared to respond to HR issues before, during, and after the storm.

Weather Wreaking Havoc on Employers

As winter weary eyes eagerly watched to see if the groundhog would see his shadow, a large swath of the United States was paralyzed by record snow and ice forcing business closures, stranding traveling employees, knocking out power, and damaging buildings. This week, we’ve collected several articles we thought might help you deal with the […]

Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Employers: Part 2

The 2007 hurricane season started June 1, and experts at the National Weather Service’s Hurricane Center predict it’s going to be a busy year. Last week, we examined what employers need to do before disaster strikes. This week, we’ll look at what you need to do during and after a disaster strikes. Even if you […]

Disaster Preparedness Checklist for Employers: Part 1

As the 2007 hurricane season starts today (June 1), it’s time for employers to review and update their disaster preparedness and response plans. And it’s time to review our updated checklist, originally prepared following our own and others’ experiences from the 2005 hurricane season, including Hurricane Katrina. The time is right for all employers to […]