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Supreme Court Lowers Bar for Adverse Actions

Can an employee sue under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to challenge a lateral transfer, even if the transfer doesn’t result in a loss of pay? According to a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, the answer is yes. Employers transfer employees, or take other actions, for a variety of reasons. Until […]

New EEOC General Counsel Calls Bias Damages Caps ‘Unacceptable’

In a recent interview, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) General Counsel Karla Gilbride argued the damage limitations on employees’ recovery under federal employment discrimination laws are “morally unacceptable.” Currently, total compensatory and punitive damages are capped for the largest companies at $300,000. Congress established the limits when it passed the 1991 revision to Title VII […]

From $366 Million to $249,000: Takeaways for Employers from Appellate Ruling on Damages Caps

Among the many perils of litigation, one of the biggest concerns employers express is the risk of an astronomical jury verdict. On Feb. 1, 2024, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals addressed this issue when it cut an eye-popping $366 million jury verdict against FedEx to just $249,000. The decision in Harris v. FedEx Corporate […]

Ask the Expert: PUMP the ‘Breaks’ on Disciplining Nursing Mothers

Question: We have an employee who is currently breastfeeding and having issues with her performance. She’s reserving our mother’s room four times per workday for an hour each time. Is there a way to navigate this excessive use of the accommodation according to the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA)? We’re concerned about her ability to get […]

Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory: A Sweet World with Sour Labor and Employment Practices

The close of 2023 treated us to Wonka, a prequel to the beloved childhood classic, shedding light on the origins of the iconic Chocolate Factory. Although Willy Wonka initially began his chocolate empire with good intentions, he inadvertently concocted a recipe for labor and employment violations. As employers aim to sweeten their practices in 2024, […]

Pay Equity Issues Can Arise in Multiple Ways for Employers

Pay equity for women remains an issue for many employers. Among those championing gender pay equity is Megan Rapinoe, an American soccer star who’s set to retire from professional play at the end of the National Women’s Soccer League final this Saturday, November 11, 2023. Rapinoe has been at the forefront of gender pay equity […]

What’s Behind the Ghosting Epidemic?

Halloween was full of fright and ghost stories, but there’s a different kind of ghosting that has employers and recruiters scared these days. In today’s competitive job market, the tables have turned in the recruitment process. With a record 33 consecutive months of job growth, it’s not just employers that are critically evaluating potential hires—talent […]

AI Discrimination: What EEOC Settlement with iTutorGroup, Inc., Means for Employers

Can artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning programs lead to discrimination claims? The simple answer is yes, and the recent settlement between the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and three integrated English-language tutoring companies known as iTutorGroup, Inc., confirms any doubts employers might have. Now more than ever, employers should carefully evaluate the benefits and […]

Most Employees Have Experienced Workplace Discrimination

Most workers today have experienced some form of discrimination in the workplace, according to Monster, which recently conducted a poll in honor of National Disability Independence Day. Discrimination Is Rampant The results of Monster’s poll may be shocking to some. For example, here are some of its key takeaways: Only 9% of those polled say […]

Lizzo Lawsuit Shows Employers ‘It’s About Damn Time’ They Train Their Managers

Recently, one of my favorite artists, Lizzo, made headlines when three of her backup dancers filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against her, her tour company (Big Grrrl Big Touring Inc.), and her dance team captain. There are various allegations in this lawsuit, but I want to focus on the sexual harassment/hostile work […]