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How Employers Can Address Domestic Violence

Every workplace is at risk of encountering instances of domestic violence. However, being proactive in addressing this difficult issue can have a big impact on both the individuals affected and the organization as a whole. October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, an opportunity for HR professionals and their organizations to consider how to take action […]

Legal Protections for Domestic Violence Survivors

What legal protections exist at the federal level for the survivors of domestic violence? The answer: surprisingly few. The reason this is surprising is because domestic violence has a direct impact on the workplace. People dealing with domestic violence are likely to need to take time away from work for things like medical treatment, obtaining […]

HR Can (and Should) Help Victims of Domestic Violence

As my home state of Connecticut and the surrounding states began to recover somewhat from the coronavirus, my wife was thinking of getting in touch with her favorite hairdresser and friend from her hometown of Queens. When she tried to get in touch, she learned that her friend had been tragically murdered by her husband […]

domestic violence

How to Respond When Employees Experience Domestic Violence

This morning, Valerie came in to work with a cast on her wrist and heavy makeup on her face. She told Susie, her supervisor, that she had an accident, but she’s fine now and able to work. Later, Susie overhears Valerie telling a coworker that she took out a restraining order against her boyfriend. Susie […]

A Clear and Present Danger: Domestic Violence in the Workplace

On Monday, November 19, emergency room doctor Tamara O’Neal was shot outside her workplace, Mercy Hospital & Medical Center on Chicago’s south side. According to sources, the shooter, Juan Lopez, was angry with her over a broken engagement, leading to yet another workplace active shooter situation. While coworkers can be the perpetrators of workplace violence, […]


Behavioral Intervention in the Workplace and its Benefits

Stress in the workplace is now a widespread epidemic. According to extensive research conducted by The American Institute of Stress, 40% of workers reported their job was “very” or “extremely” stressful, and 80% of workers feel stress on the job. And it costs U.S. businesses $190 billion in annual healthcare costs alone—$300 billion in total. […]

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What is Paid ‘Safe Time’?

Paid “safe time” refers to paid time off used specifically to deal with issues related to domestic abuse. While many employers offer some form of paid time off, not all employers have specific PTO days allotted to deal with domestic abuse. This can be a critical distinction, as it allows victims in these situations to […]

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Maryland Paid Sick Leave Law Takes Effect February 2018

On January 12, 2018, following nearly a year of speculation in the wake of Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of the paid sick leave bill passed by the Maryland General Assembly near the close of last year’s legislative session, the General Assembly and the Senate have overridden the governor’s veto. The Maryland Healthy Working Families Act […]