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NLRB Relaxes Standard for Union Insignias in Workplace

On August 29, 2022, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) issued a major decision that reversed a standard it set in 2019. Previously, employers enjoyed substantial discretion to limit alterations to work uniforms or other designated clothing in the workplace.

After Stressful Pandemic, Don’t Be Surprised If Employees Are Reluctant to Return

There has been ample news coverage about the invisible toll the COVID-19 pandemic has taken on our personal lives, but we’re just beginning to grapple with the damage done to our workplaces. As employees return to in-person work, you must be ready for the many emotional and psychological hurdles they will face. When You Have […]

Pros and Cons of Allowing Casual Dress at Work

Casual Fridays at work have been around for decades, but recent trends are moving toward more casual attire in the workplace every day. This trend has been greatly influenced by tech companies and the growing use of remote work. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of allowing casual dress at […]

Helping Candidates Ace the Phone Screen

In part one of this article series, we shared expert insight into conducting a successful phone screen. In today’s post, we’re continuing the conversation with Darchelle Nass, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Administrative at Addison Group.

Does a Formal or Informal Outfit Boost Office Productivity?

It used to be that a 9–5 job meant snappy Charles Tyrwhitt suits and briefcases all through the office. But these days, many companies are happy to let their employees dress how they like (so long as it doesn’t affect their work!). Does dressing comfortably increase or decrease productivity though?

Halloween Costumes at the Office: Keep It Tasteful to Avoid Spooking Employees

Although warnings about Halloween costumes at work aren’t as common as the warnings about office holiday parties, what originally starts out as amusing can quickly turn into awkward or offensive. If someone is offended when a coworker shows up at work in an inappropriate costume, you can reduce the employment-related problems if you handle the […]

Employers haunted by Halloween

Happy Halloween! We hope you are getting only treats today and no tricks. But in keeping with the holiday spirit, today’s post highlights some unintended tricks employers may face from Halloween.    Many employers will have already hosted a Halloween office party or allowed employees to dress up today to celebrate, but the Halloween festivities, whether […]

Measuring Values, Skills, and Culture

In yesterday’s Advisor, guest columnist Tonya Lanthier made the case for data-driven hiring, and how to measure communication and behavior style. Today, Lanthier discusses how to measure values, skills, and culture—and how all these pieces of data fit together.

Summer temperatures can turn up the heat on workplace dress and vacation policies

by Chelsea V. Brown As summer heats up, temperatures start to rise, anticipation for family vacations and summer holidays grows, and the spirit of summer can be felt throughout the workplace. As the arrival of summer becomes increasingly evident in cubicles and corner offices, employees can become relaxed about workplace rules and conduct. In some […]