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Benefit Considerations in Uncertain Times

The initial fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic is putting new urgency on company benefits. As employees look to their benefits offerings, companies are responding in kind by leveraging, expanding, and creating new benefits to answer the needs of their employee populations.

What Changes Are Employers Making to Retirement Benefits?

Changes Contemplated Our survey shows that 9.8% of employers plan to add or make changes to their 2015 retirement benefits package, 64.9% of employers have no additions or changes planned, and 25.3% are not certain at this point in time. For those that are planning to add or make changes to their retirement benefits, 27.4% […]

‘Hey, Boomers, We Want Your Jobs!’ (But Not Your Stress)

The problem is compounded, Harrington says, because although Gen Xers do want to move up to the Boomers’ jobs, they don’t want the stress that goes with the jobs. They also want work/life balance, and that creates a conflict. Harrington, founder and president of Purposeful Hire Inc., offered her tips at BLR’s Strategic HR Summit, […]

Healthcare Reform Reaches Retirees

Mention retirement to some people, and you’re likely to see a reaction that can only be described as giddy. They see retirement as a time to relax, travel, spend time with loved ones, or to pursue a long-held dream of a new business or philanthropic pursuit. And if the word retirement brings up these pleasant […]