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Training Strategies with an Eye on the Future

Employee training should not be a static approach to development. The skills and knowledge that might have helped a company thrive 20 years ago may be completely obsolete today or in a few years. For this reason, training has to be malleable and driven by the dynamic nature of the company, the industry, the market, […]


Tech Leading the Way in Addressing Skills Gaps

The historically low unemployment of recent years has drawn attention to what many employers woefully refer to as the “skills gap,” which is the idea that even though there are applicants for an open position, there aren’t enough applicants who meet the qualifications.


2 Things to Know About the CHANCE in Tech Act

The Championing Apprenticeships for New Careers and Employees (CHANCE) in Tech Act—or H.R. 3174—was reintroduced via bipartisan efforts this year after originally being introduced in 2017. Here are two things you need to know about it if you’re a learning and development (L&D) or an HR professional.

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Where Are All the Job Applicants?

There may be more jobs available today than there are applicants to fill them. This is a frustrating scenario for employers. Organizations trying to grow, or even simply keep up with current demand, are finding it more and more difficult to keep employees, and they’re finding it’s more and more difficult to find new employees […]

Addressing Mental Health and Avoid Major Losses

Research conducted by the World Health Organization shows that the U.S. economy loses around $1 trillion per year in lost productivity due to mental health disorders and illnesses. Another study by Mental Health America saw correlation among workplace environments, employee satisfaction rates, and mental health.

Job numbers good news for HR reps

by Connor Beatty Each month, economists eagerly await the U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) jobs report. The report provides analysts a snapshot of the nation’s economic health by measuring the number of jobs the economy added or lost in the previous month. Based on a recent study, perhaps HR managers should review the monthly jobs […]

Attitude Is Key to Business Growth

Last week I was part of a CEO panel asked to discuss how to achieve double-digit revenue growth. Now, isn’t that the $1 million question! My co-panelists were highly respected executives, each with 20-plus years of experience in our industry — publishing. Yet, when we started discussing the session among ourselves, I was surprised by […]