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Do You Measure Your Onboarding Results?

Onboarding is key to any HR unit. It’s a critical time in an employee’s early development and sets the stage for the rest of his or her time with your organization. Just as with meeting a new person, first impressions matter.


How to Incorporate Gamification into Your Onboarding Process

Onboarding is both a necessary and an important part of the employee recruitment and development process. New hires need to not only fill in any potential gaps in their industry experience but also learn the specific expectations, policies, and practices of their new company.


5 Common Human Resources Mistakes to Avoid

Mistakes that happen within an organization’s human resources department have the potential to cost it millions of dollars each year. And while mistakes will inevitably happen regardless of what department you work in, there are certain mistakes that every HR professional should work to avoid altogether.

Onboarding Regulations—Steps for Success

Onboarding new hires—it’s the first step in training the next generation of workers that will help shape your company’s future. There are regulations that guide the process, however, and employers need to know the facts. Today, we discuss how to achieve compliance with state regulations in an article by Julia Bailey, senior director of product […]