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8 Onboarding Trends for 2019

As organizations continue to compete for top-level talent, here are eight things they’re going to spend most of their time and money on in 2019.


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1. Preboarding

Before your employees’ first day of work, send them information on things  that are happening at your organization (i.e., upcoming volunteer days, new goals or policies, etc.). Send them details about their first day, and introduce them to their new colleagues and managers. Take them out to lunch, and make sure you get to know them and ensure they are excited and comfortable about their first day of work.

2. Personalization

Personalize all your communications with new hires, as well as their documents and paperwork. Identify onboarding activities that they will find fun and engaging on a personal level. Take the time to understand what makes them engaged at work and excited about learning.

3. Cultural Assimilation

Take the time to familiarize your new hires with what the culture is like at your organization. Have them interact with their future coworkers so they can ask questions and socialize, and make sure their managers tell them what to expect and that new hires have an opportunity to learn about their new bosses and cultural settings.

4. Niche Training

Now new hires are trained for their specific roles with a new organization during onboarding. Instead of being lumped into a large group of other employees during onboarding for the entirety of their onboarding programs, employees will have more opportunities to experience personalized training.
For instance, marketing professionals will have specific training for the content platforms they’ll use, while operations employees might learn about their new inventory platforms.

5. Microlearning

Microlearning courses for onboarding will really start to take off. New hires will be able to watch video content and engage in learning activities from mobile devices. For example, they’ll be able to review their employee handbooks and policies, and they’ll be able to rely on microlearning during their preboarding phase.

6. Mentorships and Coaches

Now, workplaces will have mentors and coaches who help and guide new hires and act like work buddies. So, if a new hire has a question about the culture or wants to know where to find something, his or her work buddy can help.

7. Stellar Welcome Kits

When onboarding new employees, employers should put together comprehensive welcome kits, with personalized messages and branded swag, as well as a list of answers to frequently asked questions, etc.

8. Longer Time Tables

Organizations are starting to develop onboarding programs that last for at least 1 year because they’re more effective. So, be prepared to develop more comprehensive onboarding programs with career maps and long-term goals personalized for each employee.
Be prepared to spend some time and energy on the eight things listed above in 2019 if you want your programs and organization to remain competitive.

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