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Getting the Most from eLearning for State and Local Governments

eLearning is more widely used than ever, and getting it right is mission critical for government organizations ranging from federal agencies to states, counties, and cities. There are two pillars of successful eLearning initiatives in government: security and effectiveness. Federal departments and agencies, particularly those in high-consequence domains like our armed services, have extremely high […]

Why the UGC Training Content Cavalry Aren’t Coming to Save Us

As learning and development (L&D) professionals, we started last year full of optimism about the end of COVID and return to office. How should we be orienting ourselves this time as we return from the holidays? We can be fairly sure that what we offer will remain in strong demand. L&D remains a cornerstone of […]

4 Strategies for Building a New Foundation for Effective eLearning

Before the coronavirus pandemic, you likely herded your employees into conference rooms at least once a quarter for an instructor-led training session or a lunch-and-learn. And you probably saw good returns on those efforts. After all, professional development opportunities directly impact your employees’ on-the-job satisfaction, productivity, and retention. All that changed in March 2020. Suddenly, you couldn’t […]