Tag: Emotional Balance

Understanding the Definition of Burnout

Everyone in the working world has probably heard the term “burned out.” The term is often used even in nonemployment settings, such as by students in higher education feeling burned out by intense studies. Being burned out is generally considered negative, but there isn’t really a precise definition of the term. Defining Burnout “We tend […]

Redefining Performance as Mental Flexibility and Emotional Balance

If there’s one desire leaders have of others, it’s that they “perform.” But what is performance really? An online dictionary defines “perform” as “to carry out; execute, do.” While there’s nothing to dispute about the getting of results, the skill sets that underlie performance change with the times. Performance in this era of global disruption […]


A Post-Pandemic Shift in Work/Life Balance

Before March 2020, many HR professionals and hiring managers said a wide range of jobs simply couldn’t be performed off-site. Today, many of these same people are taking back their words. The pandemic has taught us that a wide range of jobs actually can be performed remotely, opening up new opportunities for both employers and […]

Self-Management–Your Key to Managing Others

There are many qualities that make an effective leader, and none alone can truly be said to be sufficient, although there are many that should be seen as necessary. One of these essential leadership characteristics is the ability to self-manage. While you don’t have to be at the top of your organization—founder, president, CEO, chairperson, […]