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Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day Year-Round: Elevating Recognition with AI Gifting

On Employee Appreciation Day, many employers make gestures towards their employees, often without fully harnessing its potential impact, jumping on the bandwagon. However, Employee Appreciation Day transcends a mere date on the calendar; it presents an opportunity to boost workplace morale and fortify the connections between leaders and their teams. Rather than contemplating specific activities […]

Employee Appreciation Day 2023

Hopefully, employers, HR pros, and managers are aware that March 3, 2023 (and the first Friday in March each year), is Employee Appreciation Day. In a labor market where employee demand is outstripping supply in many sectors, it’s particularly important to keep staff engaged and retained.

4 Tips for Making Employee Appreciation a Year-Round Initiative

The end of the year has been a time of gift-giving and appreciation since ancient times and across a wide variety of cultures and religious traditions. Combine that with many corporate goals’ being based on annual cycles aligned with the calendar year, and it’s no surprise that businesses like to show employee appreciation and recognize […]


Invest in Recognition: Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day and Enjoy Year-Round Gains

Many employers celebrate holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Halloween with office parties and offer workplace feasts and a chance to socialize with coworkers as a way to show they appreciate their employees. Ironically, there’s a holiday designed specifically for that, and it’s often completely ignored by employers.