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Is Tech Still Best for Workplace Wellbeing?

It really is incredible how far we’ve come with mental health at work, even if there’s still a long way to go. Before the pandemic, engaging with organizations on mental health was much more of an education piece; encouraging leaders and decision-makers to think about the wellbeing of their people, motivated primarily by its links […]

Mental Health in the Workplace

In recent years, mental health has become a central topic in workplace discussions, reflecting a broader shift toward well-being and employee support. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of mental health and are implementing innovative programs to help employees manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Emergence of Mental Health Awareness With the rise […]

Busting the Winter Blues: 8 Tips to Help Employees Improve Mental Health

Throughout the winter, many people across the U.S. go days or weeks without seeing the sun. Particularly in the Northeast and Midwest, they experience weeks of dark and dreary weather combined with bitter, unrelenting cold. The chilly gloom negatively impacts mental health, sometimes leading to seasonal affective disorder (SAD). In fact, an American Psychiatric Association […]

4 Strategies to Support Employees with ADHD

A persistent myth about people with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is they can’t succeed in fast-paced careers like legal practice because they aren’t able to maintain focus and organization. However, much evidence indicates the opposite is true. In fact, in a landmark 2016 American Bar Association study, 12.5% of attorneys reported having ADHD compared with 4.5% […]

EntertainHR: Gone Too Soon – Matthew Perry’s Tragic Loss and the Importance of Employee Assistance Programs 

Beloved actor Matthew Perry, perhaps most famously known for his iconic role as Chandler Bing on the long-running NBC television sitcom Friends, recently passed away on October 28, 2023, at age 54 in his home in Pacific Palisades, California. According to law enforcement sources, the well-known actor, comedian, and producer, also known for his leading […]

Rates of Depression Continue to Rise: How Should Employers Respond?

A recent Gallup poll found that the percentage of U.S. adults who report having been diagnosed with depression at some point in their lifetime reached 29%, a 10-percentage-point increase from 2015. Additionally, the number of Americans who have been or were being treated for depression during the same period is now at 18%, up 7 […]

Timing Matters: Employee Fired During FMLA Leave for Months-Old Problems

Though the following case is still in its infancy, it tees up several common concerns in employment litigation. A new supervisor arrives on the scene and starts pointing out performance problems for the first time (calling into question the veracity of the critique). The employee goes out on leave for medical conditions. The employer decides […]