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My Employees Are Burnt Out–How Can I Change That?

McKinsey Health Institute reports that 28% of U.S. employees are burnt out. And it’s no wonder. Too many employees are spread way too thin. Many have been doing the dreaded “more with less” since the Great Resignation started early last year. And workforce reductions related to recession fears have only further extended already overburdened employees. […]

Has Remote Work Contributed to Work Creep?

When millions of Americans shifted indefinitely to remote work in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, nights spent working late at the office became a thing of the past. No more staying late at work because workers never went to work—physically at least. But that, of course, didn’t mean workers weren’t putting in long hours. […]

The Hard Truth for Employers About Long Hours

By definition, most Americans think of a “full-time job” as one that is worked 40 hours per week. For some legal and regulatory purposes, 32 hours will even be classified as full-time. The reality for many workers, however, is quite different. Some professions routinely see workers putting in 60, 70 or 80 hours per week, […]

Study Shows Widespread Burnout Globally

For millions of workers, the health and safety restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to over 2 years of remote work. For many, that situation seems to be more or less permanent. It may be surprising then to hear that millions of employees globally are reporting feeling burned out at work. Shouldn’t […]


Ignore Your Best Employees, and They’ll Go Away!

The modern U.S. economy is heavily people-driven. Unlike in the more industrial economy of the previous century, what sets great companies apart from good companies today is more likely their human resources than their physical capital, like factories and machines. It’s perhaps surprising, then, when we hear that high-performing employees often feel neglected and underserved […]

Large Organizations vs. Start-Ups: Top Tips for Leading People Operations

People operations and HR programs can look dramatically different from company to company, particularly if you compare larger, established companies with small start-ups. And for leaders, this can mean very different challenges and objectives. This is something I know all too well; over the years, I’ve overseen the rollout of these programs at large entities […]

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Addressing the Second Pandemic: Employee Mental Health

Two years into the pandemic, employee burnout continues to rage on.  According to a 2021 American Psychological Association survey of over 1,500 U.S. workers, 79% of them experienced some form of work-related stress a month before the survey was conducted. Almost 3 in 5 respondents said they’ve suffered symptoms of burnout, such as loss of […]

Faces of HR: How One HR Pro is Changing Lives One Day at a Time

Charles Lattimer is a seasoned technology entrepreneur and innovator, bringing more than two decades of experience to his role of VP of Innovation and Growth at FinFit – a financial wellness company that specializes in increasing employee retention by reducing finance-related employee stress. For our latest Faces of HR profile, we sat down with Charles […]


Information Isn’t Enough: Why Employees Managing Chronic Conditions Experience Treatment-Related Burnout

Six in 10 Americans live with at least 1 chronic condition, such as heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. As an employer or HR manager, you’re undoubtedly aware that acute events related to these conditions can adversely affect employees’ health and work productivity. But did you also know that, as a result of managing chronic conditions, […]

How Can a Poor Work-Life Balance Affect Mental Health?

Plenty of us work in jobs that make it difficult for us to separate our work from our home lives. Whether it’s because the tasks demand our full focus or because it’s a passion project, leaving work behind physically and mentally can take effort and planning. It’s worth making the effort, though, as poor work/life […]