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How Gen Z Is Redefining the HR Leadership Playbook

From creating viral TikTok dances to reviving Y2K fashion, Generation Z’s influence has helped shape recent popular culture. However, their influence doesn’t just stop there. Since Gen Z’s debut in the workforce in 2020, members of this cohort have challenged conventional workplace norms by prioritizing things like mental health, work/life balance, pay equity, and flexible […]

What’s Behind the Ghosting Epidemic?

Halloween was full of fright and ghost stories, but there’s a different kind of ghosting that has employers and recruiters scared these days. In today’s competitive job market, the tables have turned in the recruitment process. With a record 33 consecutive months of job growth, it’s not just employers that are critically evaluating potential hires—talent […]

Reimagining HR: The Role of AI in Modern Organizations

In the ever-evolving landscape of today’s business world, organizations are constantly searching for innovative ways to enhance efficiency and elevate the employee experience (EX). HR leaders have come to recognize the need to pivot away from traditional EX strategies and embrace artificial intelligence (AI)-powered approaches that align with the evolving demands of their workforce. In […]

Faces of HR: Sabra Sciolaro on Acts of Courage, Coaching, and Communication

Meet Sabra Sciolaro, Chief People Officer (CPO) at Firstup, a content and collaboration software company. Sciolaro brings not only more than 15 years of HR and organizational development experience to her role but also a history of leading transformational change and strengthening employee engagement in myriad industries, including software development, cybersecurity, retail, and health care.  […]

Bridge The Gap: Treat Employees as Your First Customers 

We’ve all heard the popular business slogan “the customer is always right,” a phrase that highlights essential customer-first cultures implemented in almost every organization. This is how most businesses approach their operations, prioritizing customer satisfaction and retention to drive profitability. But a lesser-known fact is that a great employee-first culture also drives success, and retaining […]

Faces of HR: Allison Allen on the Transformative Power of HR Analytics and Data

Allison Allen has nearly 25 years of experience leading all aspects of the employment experience, starting with talent recruitment at Tek Systems. Throughout her impressive career, Allen has held myriad leadership positions, including serving as chief human resources officer (CHRO) for Orchard Global, where she developed international people programs and service delivery strategies to help […]

Faces of HR: Shannon Duvall on Emotional Resilience and Forward-Thinking

Meet Shannon Duvall, Sr. Director of People and Culture at CallTrackingMetrics (CTM), a global conversation analytics company. Duvall brings more than 15 years of experience managing and scaling HR operations to her role where she develops the long-term strategic vision of CTM’s culture and employee experience. Additionally, since she joined the company, CTM has consecutively […]

Faces of HR: Kim Rohrer on Centering the Human Experience in HR

Before Kim Rohrer got her start in the HR industry, she focused on literary management and dramaturgy at Geffen Playhouse and then Berkeley Repertory Theater. She would go on to serve at Google and Pixar Animation Studios before a stint as a writer and blogger. It wasn’t until 2009, when she joined software development company […]

How to Enhance the Employee Experience in 2023

Expressions like the Great Resignation and “quiet quitting” may not be buzzing as much as they were last year, but make no mistake: The United States is still experiencing an unprecedented employee-retention crisis. In 2022, a record 50.5 million Americans quit their jobs, leaving behind 11 million job openings. It’s going to take a while […]

Driving Change Through DEI—From the Inside Out

It’s fascinating how many of the diversity leaders we profile never considered a career in an HR or a diversity role until they stumbled into one and discovered their passion. Our focus for this installment, however, is an example of someone who dedicated her career to the HR function from the very beginning. Yolanda Chase […]