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Addressing Employee Mental Health in Your Workplace—On a Tight Budget

Mental health has become one of the most pressing issues for HR leaders in recent years—and for good reason. The statistics surrounding mental illness in the workplace are staggering. Every year, around 35 million workdays are lost due to mental illness, while more than 1 in 5 U.S. adults live with a mental illness. Additionally, […]

Encouraging PTO to Avoid Burnout in 2023

In today’s workplace, work-life balance, flexibility, psychological safety, and advocacy for mental health and well-being are all signs of a positive culture. With employee burnout at a record high, organizations are looking for new ways to keep their employees productive, happy, and stress-free. Fortunately, organizations already a tool they can utilize: paid time off (PTO). […]

How HR Teams Can Secure Their Employees’ Financial Health

Over the past several years, employees have faced a level of economic volatility that some haven’t seen for decades and many have never experienced in their working lives. First, there was the massive job displacement and economic chaos caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Then came surging inflation, which triggered a stock market plunge and a […]

Creating Community at Work: The Time to Act Is Now

Employee desires and demands have changed significantly in the last 3 years as desk-based staff moved away from the traditional office environment and toward hybrid and remote work settings. On one hand, employees enjoy the flexibility and improved balance remote work offers. On the other hand, reduced office time has left many employees feeling disconnected […]

Faces of HR: Ayishah Williams on Agility, Hiring Hole & Humanity

Ayishah Williams has more than 20 years of strategic HR, consulting, and business operations experience. Throughout her impressive career, Williams has done everything from developing teams to building and implementing HR best practices at startups – all in the belief that a holistic approach to HR can create measurable and lasting organizational change. Currently, she […]

4 Signs Your Employees are Burned Out

Burnout isn’t the same thing as being tired. All employees will have the occasional bad day, or the project that requires them to work at a higher level for a determined period. Burnout is a condition of exhaustion that extends beyond any one event or task. For starters, burnout will make your employees less productive. […]

Mental Health Days

You’ve probably heard the phrase “I’m taking a mental health day” and assumed it was employee slang for just needing to get away. While that is essentially what it means, it’s also a very legitimate use of paid time off and one employers should support and embrace. The Importance of Mental Health Breaks Mental health […]

Faces of HR: Elizabeth Chrane on Evolving the Purpose of HR, Culture Champions & Total Wellbeing

Over the course of Elizabeth Chrane’s nearly three-decade career, she’s spent most of it serving in Marketing and Communications in the financial services industry. Like other professionals who accidentally found themselves in HR, it wasn’t until 15 years ago that Chrane found herself in the same boat. At the time, she joined OneDigital – an […]

5 Tips for Leading with A People-First Approach That Can Transform Your Business

The last few years have been tough—we’ve all been through a lot. However, while our realities and expectations have greatly shifted both personally and professionally, it’s afforded many of us a refreshed definition of what is most important. In turn, this has also created a renewed perspective on how we, as individuals, would like to […]

Turnoffs: Factors Contributing to Employees’ Declining Job Offers or Leaving Organizations

Despite some high-profile tech layoffs, businesses around the country continue to struggle with high rates of employee attrition and lackluster recruitment efforts. Understanding the drivers of this trend may help employers identify strategies for getting ahead of it and keeping employees—especially top talent—on board. We reached out to business owners and hiring and retention experts […]