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The Long-Term Benefits of Recognition on Employee Engagement: How It Can Boost Employee Morale

In human resources, recognizing employee achievements extends far beyond the fleeting moment of applause—it is a pivotal element in bolstering employee engagement and morale over an extended period. This discourse aims to unravel the mechanisms through which sustained recognition endeavors catalyze profound enhancements in workplace dynamics, ultimately paving the way for a more motivated and […]

The New Era of Workplace Candor: Employees Speaking Out Against Employers

The traditional notion of “burning bridges” in the professional world is undergoing a transformation. As a BBC Worklife article by Leah Carroll explores, openly criticizing former employers, once seen as a career-limiting move, is becoming more normalized in today’s shifting workplace dynamics. Implications of “Employer Bashing” This trend has several implications. Firstly, it reflects a […]

4 Strategies for Building a Diverse and Supportive Company Culture

In the last few years, many companies have been making diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) a higher priority, focusing on creating a company culture where anyone can feel comfortable and supported. Building this environment takes an empathetic approach and a firm grasp of how a diverse and supportive company culture fosters productivity, engagement, and success. […]

3 Alternatives to Quiet Cutting

There’s yet another new term for what’s happening in the workplace: “quiet cutting.” This practice sounds similar to “quiet quitting” but is very different. Where quiet quitting is employee disengagement, quiet cutting describes the practice of reassigning an employee to an undesirable role in the hopes the employee will quit. Furthermore, some businesses may choose […]

Big Benefits in Involving Employees in the Budgeting Process

Budgeting is a predictable annual process for most, if not all, organizations. But it’s a process that often takes place in a top-down fashion. Senior management, often with input from their finance leaders, sets the direction and allocates resources based on organizational priorities. Seems logical, but while this approach has its merits, it overlooks a […]

Monitoring Your Employees? Understand the Pros and Cons

Employers have long used employee monitoring techniques to understand what workers do all day. Reasons for monitoring run the gamut from keeping an eye out for thieves and slackers to discovering ways to improve processes, ultimately leading to increased efficiency. Those reasons remain, but the rise of remote work has created even more interest in […]

HR Query: How to Incentivize Gen Z in the Workplace

Gen Z has entered the workforce and is bringing unique skills and valuable perspectives to the organizations where they work. According to the World Economic Forum, the demographic is expected to make up 27% of the workforce by 2025. Gen Z is already shifting workplace culture and setting trends, ultimately forcing organizations to adapt to […]

The Big Squeeze Known as Salary Compression

Imagine you’ve been working at the same employer for the past 8 years. You’ve received a couple of promotions, and now as a supervisor, you’re earning $16.50 per hour, or $34,320 annually before overtime. It’s the most you’ve ever earned! The average pay for the staff who report to you is $13.88 per hour, which […]

Summer Hours: Pros and Cons for Businesses

As the United States moves further into summer, the weather and long days can bring a welcome mental health boost but can also be distracting for some employees. Instead of focusing diligently on work, they may spend their Friday afternoons mentally packing for that weekend cabin trip or sneaking out a bit early to play […]

Work Schedules: The Secret to Improved Employee Morale and Retention

Work schedules do more than merely dictate when employees clock in and out. Employers must understand that schedules are a powerful tool that can empower employees, enhance their morale, and improve retention rates. This was further emphasized in our recent report, The State of the Hourly Worker, which revealed that 79% of shift workers agree […]