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The Link Between Employee Happiness and Company Technology

Today’s employees demand more from their employers than ever before. Many employees expect things from business tech to improve their work process and create a more effective supply chain. Those companies that lack investments in business tech will see a higher turnover rate and often a loss of their company’s top talent. What Employees Expect […]

Unlocking Employee Satisfaction: 3 Vital Steps for Employee Sensing

In the dynamic realm of human resources management, nurturing employees’ well-being and satisfaction is key to attracting and retaining the best workforce. As organizations endeavor to influence employee happiness by maximizing the impact of their benefits packages, a critical imperative arises: delving deeper into understanding the sentiments and requirements of their workforce. Traditionally, many HR […]

Well-being is a State of Mind: 4 Tips for Tapping into the Mind-Body Connection

There is a demonstrated connection between mental and physical health, but which comes first? The answer is: Both. Ultimately, true wellbeing is not a matter of being physically or mentally healthy, but a combination of the two. In fact, the World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, […]

Why Workplace Well-Being Is Critical Now More Than Ever

A recent Gallup Survey of workers around the globe uncovered wide-spread low employee satisfaction and highlighted the need for a focused and intentional effort to support overall employee well-being. The survey showed 33% of workers across multiple fields considered themselves to be “thriving” in their workplace, with 19% reporting that they are “miserable.” Additionally, a […]

How To Prioritize Employee Satisfaction in Client-Facing Companies

With client-facing roles, there is an expectation for employees to put their best foot forward and represent the company well in each interaction. Often, this can result in employees feeling an extra sense of pressure at work as they balance client meetings and tackling other deliverables in their roles. In particularly busy times, this can […]

Why Bagels and Fear Won’t Lead to a Successful Return to Office

A steady increase in office occupancy and a recent decline in the number of available remote positions have led some leaders to declare victory in the long-running campaign to get employees back in the office. But even as the tide of remote work starts to recede, research shows that many employees are reluctant to return […]

How to Set Human Resources Goals You’ll Actually Stick To

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: goal-setting time! Some HR professionals are eagerly whipping out their notepads and pens, ready to make some spreadsheets and crunch some numbers for projections. Their coffee is hot, and their to-do list is waiting. Yearly, quarterly, weekly—goals are their bread and butter. But some HR professionals are […]

How to Reimagine Employee Retention

Employees are the secret ingredient to organizational success, yet companies are struggling to keep them. In recent years, millions of Americans have been quitting their jobs—a trend dubbed the Great Resignation. Last October alone, a grand total of 4 million Americans jumped ship. That’s nearly three percent of the overall workforce. Tech workers are even […]

Speaking the Language of Your CEO

It’s no secret there’s sometimes a significant disconnection between the CEO (and C-suite) and HR leaders in many organizations. While HR is focused on ensuring a positive and supportive culture and boosting employee engagement, CEOs are much more focused on the bottom line and often have a hard time understanding and supporting HR initiatives that, […]

The Elusiveness of L&D ROI

One of the biggest challenges learning and development (L&D) professionals face is showing management there was a return on their investment (ROI). Sure, good L&D teams can point to concrete and important achievements like fewer accidents and higher scores on employee satisfaction surveys. But at the end of the day, companies are in business to […]