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The Link Between Employee Happiness and Company Technology

Today’s employees demand more from their employers than ever before. Many employees expect things from business tech to improve their work process and create a more effective supply chain. Those companies that lack investments in business tech will see a higher turnover rate and often a loss of their company’s top talent.

What Employees Expect

You need to set up a modern work environment with flexible, engaging and productive factors to promote happiness in the workplace. Some may wonder what this would look like in practice but the answer may prove simpler than it looks at first. Let’s take a look at how to make employees in the modern work environment happy.

Taking a Look at Employee Engagement

Looking at studies for global engagement, the United States has one of the most engaged workforces in the world. This includes other places like France and countries in the Middle East.

Some of the big reasons for engagement include:

  •  Confidence in senior leadership’s decisions

  •  Opportunities to learn and grow

  •  Clear link between work and business goals

  •  Proactive managers help with career growth

Providing opportunities for things like this will serve as key drivers for growth and happiness in the workplace.

Definition of Engaged Employees

Engaged employees will usually feel happier to perform the work given to them. They will display a few traits that you can look for to see them engaged. A passionate and engaged employee will continue to work for your company longer, and they will put more effort into their work.

Some of the signs that you have a happy employee include:

  •  Clear and effective communication

  •  Focus on tasks

  •  Happy to express ideas

  •  Shows support to company and coworkers

  •  Open to learning and growth opportunities

How Business Technology Plays a Role in Employee Happiness

You can create a huge impact in the workplace just by being an early adopter of technologies. Research shows that technology is one of the keys to keeping employees happy based on studies. They learned how 87 percent of companies that adopted technology early had positive sentiment toward them in the workplace. Meanwhile, 70 percent of employees were negative about companies that were laggards when adopting technology.

Not only does new technology give you a competitive edge, but it can also reduce employee turnover because they will feel less frustration with the task at hand. They can streamline mundane tasks to make it faster and easier to complete their targets.

Company Tech That Every Business Should Include to Satisfy Workers

Some technologies you might include are things like AI technologies because they can help you eliminate boring and repetitive tasks. You may also want to include technology that can monitor things without your employees needing to be present for it constantly. Having a customer relationship management (CRM) system can also prove helpful.

What Tech Can Cause Problems Among Workers?

Technology from multiple places can lead to constant notifications that can distract your employees. To get around this, you might turn off the notifications for the less essential technologies because not everything requires an immediate response.


The work environment of today differs greatly from what it looked like even a decade ago. A new generation has taken the place of the older generation, and we see this generation more attached to technology than before. Because of that, you can make a big difference just by becoming a company that stays on top of technology and making the lives of your employees as easy as possible.

Taylor McKnight is an Author for Microtouch.

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