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‘Just a Job’ Is Bad for Business: Focus on Employee Experience

How engaged is your workforce? If you answered, “not very engaged” then we’ve got bad news: these disengaged workers will be leaving your company as soon as they receive an offer from someone else. And that someone else may very well be your competition!

How to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Keeping employees engaged can help keep them satisfied and make them less likely to leave your organization. But although this is true for all employees, it might require different tactics for remote workers. Let’s look at some ways to keep remote employees engaged.

Hey, HR, Your Lonely Employees Are Dying on the Inside

At SHRM’s 2019 Annual Conference & Exposition, I was fortunate to have attended a session called “Workplace Loneliness Is Killing Us,” given by Stuart Chittenden. He is the Founder and Principal at Squishtalks, an organization that designs and delivers training programs based on principals of communication.

How Caring About Employees Translates to Business Success

It’s safe to assume that most companies want happy employees. Unfortunately, for many businesses, profits often take priority at the helm of the ship and employee satisfaction takes the stern. Moreover, even fewer companies know what it takes to actually make their employees happy. What if happy employees directly translated to larger profits and business […]

6 Proven Ways to Empower a Greater Employee Experience

A satisfied and happy staff contributes greatly to business growth. Your investment in employee empowerment to enhance the employee experience will pay off tenfold.