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The Great Mismatch: Navigating a Win-Win Relationship Between Employers & Employees

Finding a new normal in the workplace after Covid-19 has been more difficult than many people expected. Some organizations have demanded a return to the way work was done pre-pandemic. Others have tried to find new, hybrid ways of working or greatly expanded remote work. Much of that is in response to the fact that […]

The Looming Talent Debt Payment Should Scare Us All

The long-term consequence of failing to invest in employees and their experience, whether that’s new skills, changing attitudes on work/life balance or job flexibility. We are staring down a recession with little clarity and experiencing layoffs seemingly every day which keeps focus in the near term, but larger challenges exist on the horizon. There is […]

The Importance of Employee Resilience and How to Support Resilience in Your Team

Resilience is one of those nebulous concepts that can be difficult to manage within a business setting. It’s seen as a personal thing, something that is within the remit of the individual alone. And while enhanced personal resilience is clearly beneficial to the organization that any given individual works with, it’s not typically the role […]

Using Social Media to Build a Culture of Recognition: Strategies for Employee Engagement

We all work to live (at least in part). Still, sometimes a paycheck isn’t enough. Employee recognition programs are crucial for the success of any organization, as they help foster a positive work culture and boost employee morale. These programs are designed to acknowledge and appreciate employees’ hard work, dedication, and contributions and can take […]

Keys to Success for Any Employee Training Effort

Employee training can be conducted in a variety of ways, but there are several keys to success that are applicable to virtually any training effort. These are the foundational must-haves training teams should embed in any training program. Effective Communication Clear, effective communication of expectations is an important foundation for any employee training effort. It’s […]

Lifelong Passion Leads to Opportunity for Change

So many of the diversity and inclusion leaders we meet through our series on DEI leaders took circuitous, unexpected routes toward their roles. They stumbled into DEI leadership positions through twists of fate and happenstance. Erin Mitchell Richeson, vice president of inclusion and diversity (I&D) for Cox Enterprises and the subject of this installment of our series […]

Why Mindset Manager Will Be the Most Important Role for 2023

There’s a huge amount of power in the individual mindset. It can cripple a person’s performance and life experience. It can carry you through the hardest of times. It can bring goal achievement within reach or leave dreams always beyond your grasp. It’s an incredibly potent thing. But it can be incredibly difficult to manage, […]

Personalization: The Key to Retaining Your Employees in an Uncertain Economy

It’s no secret that the pandemic changed how and where people work. As businesses attempt to adapt to today’s ever-evolving workplace, managers and HR professionals can’t ignore that employees’ priorities have changed. According to the latest JOLTS report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3.9 million employees voluntarily left their jobs in January 2023 despite […]

Creating Community and Inspiration in the Workplace in 2023

If you were to ask me in my early twenties if women could have it all, I would have responded with a resounding “yes” and proceeded to tell you about all the ingredients in the recipe of success in life: a graduate degree; a loving partner; a high-powered professional career; a Pinterest-worthy home; and two […]

Science-Backed Tips for HR Leaders: How to Prioritize When Everything Seems Like a Priority

A recession is coming, and many leaders are rethinking their current HR strategies to stay afloat. While many technology giants have resorted to mass layoffs, Apple has taken a people-first, long-lasting approach: investment in its HR program. After all, a satisfied workforce is a successful workforce. Understanding the importance of the employee experience, Apple has […]