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5 Ways Cannabis Breath Testing Can Help Reduce Employee Turnover

The legalization of cannabis is impacting employers across industries in the areas of recruitment, safety, and workplace testing. New laws in states such as California and Washington establish employment protections for off-duty cannabis use. In addition, laws regulate methods employers use to test for cannabis, limiting tests that render positive results based on off-duty use. […]

Cost-of-Living Crisis: When Workers Can’t Afford to Stay on the Job

Across the country and around the globe, people are facing historic inflation and other cost-of-living pressures, adding significant financial strain and concerns for their future financial security. Given the enormous media attention to these trends, this is hardly surprising. What is surprising, however, is how these conditions are impacting employee retention. Financial Strain May Lead […]

The Connection Between Effective Communication and Employee Retention

The business world is ever-changing, and internal communication has always been a cornerstone of effectively managing that change. But the significance of effective communication has been magnified post-pandemic as employers and employees navigate the return to the office. Poor or insufficient communication can swiftly escalate to increased turnover, particularly when transparency is perceived as lacking. […]

Unhappiness Is Contagious:  Navigating the Low Turnover Phenomenon

In the current economic landscape, where unemployment rates are at their lowest in decades, an intriguing paradox has emerged, and we’re experiencing an unexpected trend: Employees are staying put. Employees across industries are choosing to remain in their jobs, not out of a profound love for their work or unwavering loyalty to their employers but […]

What to Do When People Analytics Present a Dead End

People analytics are ubiquitous in today’s increasingly digital-first workplaces. The rationale is simple: People analytics, also known as HR analytics or talent analytics, provide a data-driven approach to managing people at work. For many leaders, it’s an extension of the data-driven ethos that already informs everything from customer engagement to product development, making it a […]

How to Boost Company Morale Easily

A company’s morale is pivotal to its success, directly impacting employee engagement, productivity, and overall workplace atmosphere. High morale fosters a positive work environment where employees are motivated, satisfied, and committed to their roles. Conversely, low morale can lead to decreased productivity, increased turnover, and general discontent among the workforce. Fortunately, boosting company morale doesn’t […]

What Money Can’t Buy: The Role Employee Engagement Plays in Retention

Retaining high-performing employees is a critical endeavor for HR leaders. It’s even more high stakes today, considering the cost of turnover carries a price tag many organizations can’t afford right now. What’s the easiest way to retain your top talent? Salary is an important factor, but it might not move the needle on retention as […]

New Report Illustrates Trends in Recruitment

One of the reasons companies care so much about employee retention is that it’s difficult, time-consuming, and costly to onboard new talent. Nevertheless, individual companies and departments don’t control the labor market, and they have to work with the world that exists, not the one they wish existed. Increasingly, companies are turning to third-party providers […]

4 Ways Employee Culture Can Affect Your Bottom Line

An employee culture can seem like an immeasurable concept. Sure, all managers want their employees to be happy at work, but is it really worth pouring time and resources into if you aren’t sure of your return on investment? But employee culture does, in fact, affect your bottom line. It actually impacts it quite a […]

10 DEI Metrics That Matter

What gets measured gets done. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are top of mind for companies large and small, but making notable progress on long-standing challenges around DEI requires a plan to set goals and then collect timely and relevant data to track progress. Companies have invested millions into DEI initiatives. When a company spends […]