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Train Dispatcher’s Failure-to-Accommodate Claim Derailed by Excessive Absenteeism

Courts have consistently found regular employee attendance can be an essential function for certain positions that employers don’t have to eliminate in the name of providing an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (Act). In other words, ignoring absences when regular attendance is an essential function wouldn’t be a reasonable accommodation. The U.S. 5th […]

Employees, applicants, and jail: What HR should do?

An employee is arrested and something must be done. Do you fire the employee because you don’t want to put up with someone who lands in jail? Or do you wait to get the facts, maybe even wait for the legal system to run its course before making an employment decision? A related quandary is […]

Lessons Learned from Fight over Off-the-Clock Work

The story of a Chicago woman fired from her job after she was caught working on her lunch break made national news earlier this year. It struck a chord with the general public because people were questioning why an employer would fire an employee for seemingly going the extra mile. If an employee is punished […]

Local Governments Stepping Up Employment Laws (Video)

When considering employment law compliance, employers must look not only to federal and state laws but, increasingly, they need to look to city and county laws, according to attorney Kara Shea, who led a session at the October Advanced Employment Issues Symposium (AEIS) in Nashville, Tennessee. Shea, a member at Miller & Martin PLLC in […]

Election 2008 white paper, time off to vote state laws, sample policy

With the 2008 election in its final days, employers must brace for significant employment law changes. HRHero.com has produced a free white paper on 6 potential employment law changes under new leadership in Washington. The white paper also includes a chart of time off to vote laws taken from HR Hero’s 50 Employment Laws in […]