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Benefit Analysis Technology Helps Control Healthcare Spending

SPECIAL from HR Tech Las VegasThe world of HR is being changed by technology every day in new and exciting ways, with advancements in everything from promoting company culture to benefits management. Castlight Health presented its innovations at this year’s HR Technology® Conference and Expo in Las Vegas.

Voluntary Benefits—The Importance of Guaranteed Insurability

In yesterday’s Advisor, consultant Mike Miles presented the case for offering voluntary benefits to employees. Today, more on benefits, plus an introduction to a timely webcast on conducting legal background checks. Employees may think that they can’t afford a big policy, but it’s often a good idea to join the plan at the lowest level […]

Dr. Summeroff, Meet Dr. Winteroff and Dr. Deer (Readers Respond)

‘We Get Dr. Winteroff’ Steve, we often get Dr. Summeroff’s cousin, Dr. Winteroff to deal with. We have a sales group who often take leave immediately following a month when they have not met their sales goal because they know they will be placed on a performance plan when they have fallen short of their […]