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How to Set Up an Ergonomic Office Workstation

A thoughtfully curated health and wellness program can have a positive impact on acquisition, retention, productivity, and even profitability. More companies are choosing to invest in their people through benefits that go beyond traditional health insurance and 401(k) matches. From on-site gyms and child care to continuing education programs to ergonomically designed office spaces, data […]

On the ball? Employee wants to bring her own seat to work

by Jennifer Suich Frank Q One of our employees brought a large ball to work and is using it instead of her company-provided chair. She says it’s better for her back, but she doesn’t have a back problem. She states that she’s using it proactively. Do we have the right to require her to use […]

Moving toward the latest trend in office design? Don’t forget legal concerns

Office workers want to be comfortable and productive at work, and they all have different ideas on how to accomplish that goal. Some want to sit. Others want to stand. Some want privacy for focused work. Others want open space for collaborative work. Still others want comfy-cozy nooks where they can curl up with a […]

New OSHA ‘Sheriff’ Packs Heat, But It May Backfire

By Jim Stanley, president, FDRsafety When Labor Secretary Hilda Solis warned business last year that there was ”a new sheriff in town,” she wasn’t kidding — the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is packing big new six-guns. The only problem is that it may be shooting itself in the foot. OSHA has been announcing […]