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From Digital Marketing to DEI Champion: Connie Ross Makes an Impact

In the evolving landscape of corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), understanding the journeys of those at its helm offers critical insights into the challenges and triumphs of implementing effective DEI strategies. Connie Ross, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Manager at 84.51°, illustrates the nuanced path many DEI professionals navigate in their careers. Here we […]

Embracing A Holistic Approach to DEI in 2024

The past three years have been an arduous journey for HR leaders to say the least, navigating the landscape of the pandemic, the loss of talent during the Great Resignation, and continued economic uncertainty. Amidst this, I’ve seen first-hand a significant shift emerging within the HR industry– a resounding rise in an employee-first mentality by […]

Inclusivity and Innovation: Matthew Coons’ Impactful Career at Xero

Matthew Coons is Senior Manager of DEIB at Xero. His journey, marked by innovative strategies and a deep commitment to fostering inclusive workplaces, offers a unique perspective on the evolving role of DEIB in business. This feature delves into Coons’ career, his impactful initiatives at Xero, and how he’s helping to shape the future of […]

How to Keep a Growing Hybrid Workforce Engaged

Keeping a growing workforce engaged poses a challenge under the most “normal” of circumstances. But as every HR professional knows, the last few years have been anything but normal. For IGS Energy, where I serve as Chief People Officer, there’s no doubt that things were simpler before the pandemic upended the way we work. Just […]

How HR Can Build ERGs to Help Introverts Thrive

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play an important role in fostering inclusivity and a sense of belonging at organizations. What isn’t discussed as often is the role that human resource leaders play in helping ERGs thrive. At 84.51°, a retail data science, media and insights company, I launched ITOPiA, an ERG, or what we call a […]

Partnering with ERGs Presents a Clear Way to Close America’s Racial Wealth Gap 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made a plea back in 1966 to close the racial wealth gap between white and black America, calling this discrepancy a “structural part of the economy.”   Now, despite nearly 60 years of supposed progress, the racial wealth and financial wellness gap remains largely unmoved. In fact, with rampant inflation and […]

Early Experiences with Diversity Leads to Lifelong Passion

Patricia “Pat” Mayers is the Senior Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Manager at Seismic, a global enablement platform that was recently placed on the prestigious Forbes Cloud 100 List. Mayers’ unique background includes a childhood spent growing up abroad, and she attributes her passion for DEI, at least in part, to the race-relations culture shock […]

How Managers Can Address ‘Bare Minimum Mondays’

On the heels of “quiet quitting” and “quiet firing,” “Bare Minimum Mondays” is the latest workplace trend sweeping social media. Bare Minimum Mondays promote prioritizing self-care and easing into the workweek, meaning productivity could take a hit if not properly managed. While the term may be new, the habit of starting the workweek off slowly […]

Why You Should Add an Inclusion and Diversity Program Manager to Your Bench in 2023

We’ve heard a lot about companies’ growing interest in hiring chief inclusion and diversity officers (CIDOs). CIDOs are allocating budgets, mapping out goals, and building programs for inclusion and diversity (I&D) that will impact all employees. According to Glassdoor, I&D executive and leadership roles have more than doubled since June 2020. And according to LinkedIn […]

Best Diversity & Inclusion Content 2022

Diversity in the workplace, or the lack thereof, has been a hot topic for decades. While a lot of progress has been made in the last three years, a looming recession has many companies bending to budget constraints – ultimately, stalling diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging programs in 2022.   2023 without a doubt will […]