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How Does Continuous Performance Management Work

In a previous post, we discussed the results of the State of Continuous Performance Management Survey. The survey results showed significant reductions in some of the negative impacts of only performing annual reviews when companies instead utilized what is known as continuous performance management.


Continuous Performance Management vs. Annual Review

Feedback is crucial to employee development, both to reinforce positive behaviors and to address and correct negative behaviors. Additionally, regular feedback is important in helping employees advance in their careers within the organization. Unfortunately, many organizations continue to limit their formal employee feedback to an annual review.


Disciplining Employees: Escalation

In a couple of recent blog posts, we’ve been discussing the subject of employee discipline in the workplace. This is understandably a touchy subject for managers and employees alike.


Disciplining Employees: Appropriate Tone/Approach

We’ve been talking recently about the subject of employee discipline—arguably one of the least-comfortable aspects of any manager’s job. In a previous post, we talked about the importance of having clear policies for employees so that they know what type of actions and behaviors are counter to company policy, as well as what the consequences […]


Disciplining Employees: Policies and Expectations

Disciplining employees is one of the least-favorite aspects of any manager’s job. Not only does the prospect create an uncomfortable interaction between people who work together on a regular basis, but it also often represents a failure—not just for the employee being disciplined but also for the manager who can be left feeling like he […]

‘I wish I’d fired more people’ (Founder of Panera)

In an Entrepreneur article, the founder of Panera Bread, Ron Shaich, revealed that, in looking back at his tenure with the organization (he stepped down in January), he wished that he had fired more people. As he writes, “I didn’t understand that a leader can’t put up with employees’ baloney. If someone isn’t producing, a […]

The Evolving Landscape of Performance Management

In the old days, employees and their immediate supervisors would have a formal meeting once a year to talk about their past performance and set goals for the future. In today’s fast-paced, rapidly changing environment, spurred by technology advancements, global competition, and changing consumer demands, that annual process seems woefully inadequate to ensure high performance.