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How a Gaming Company Used Scorecards to Overhaul Its Performance Evaluations Final Thoughts

What do you do when 35% of your employees say they do not understand their growth and career path at your organization? For one organization, the problem highlighted a need to closely examine its performance evaluation system. With some trial and error, it decided to implement a scorecard system, yielding great results.

Implicit Bias Can Take Toll on Performance Review Process

More and more employers are exploring unconscious bias and what they can do to manage the damage caused by biases people may not even realize they harbor. Most of the attention has focused on unconscious bias’s effect on hiring and how it causes uncomfortable interactions between coworkers and the public. But biased attitudes also can […]

In Employment Law Cases, It’s Not Just about Smoking Gun Evidence

The worst-case scenario for any claim involving an employment-related decision is the “smoking gun” piece of evidence that destroys the case. It could be a notation in an interviewer’s notes that the applicant was “old” or a supervisor’s note indicating that the recently terminated employee “complained about safety issues a lot.” Because you generally have […]