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Do You Manage Your Company’s Employee Value Proposition?

In Friday’s Advisor, we were discussing the employee value proposition (EVP), which is the set of things that employees value that are received as part of working there. It’s essentially the reasons employees should work for you rather than the competition. Every organization has an EVP, but not every organization takes steps to manage it.

Communicating the Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Whenever a potential employee considers working for your organization, there are a lot of factors they will likely be considering—things like pay, benefits, company image, organizational values, and more. All of these things put together are the things that make up the EVP—the value that an employee derives from working there.

How Much Do Your Workers Like You?

Yesterday we looked at a study that shows that employees trust business leaders more than they trust politicians. Today we present some analysis on what that study might mean.

What is an Employee Value Proposition?

What is an Employee Value Proposition (EVP)? In short, an EVP encompasses everything an employer is doing to attract and retain employees. It includes all of the pay, benefits, rewards, and perks that come with being an employee of that organization. Basically, it’s the reason why an employee would want to work there as opposed […]

When the Grass Isn’t Greener: Open Your Door to Boomerang Talent

By Angela Hills, EVP of Cielo For competitive edge, organizations must embrace “boomerang talent.” The recruiting of employees—who leave an organization then later return—is a crucial component of talent management and talent acquisition in today’s job-hopping environment. Click here to read more.

EVP—Enron Had a Great One

Lots of companies’ EVPs (employee value propositions) have nice-sounding platitudes that are a litany of things that they aren’t, says Consultant Stephanie Tarant, PhD. Take Enron, for example.

Enron’s EVP Was Great … Except for One Thing

Many EVPs (Employee Value Propositions) consist of nice-sounding platitudes that are a litany of things that don’t reflect reality, says consultant Stephanie Tarant, PhD. Take Enron, for example.

Your EVP—Defining Total Rewards

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the total rewards value an employee or applicant derives from the everyday employee experience, says consultant Stephanie Tarant, PhD. Including compensation and benefits and more, it is the foundation of an organization’s reputation as a place to work.