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Case Study: GNC Implements Cloud-Based Training Program

“In an effort to maintain product knowledge standards among employees in its 9,000+ retail, franchise, and distribution locations, GNC (stores are General nutrition Centers) has partnered with software company ePath Leaning Inc., to train its employees,” reports Adi Menayang in an article for Nutra Ingredients USA titled “GNC ramps up employee training program with new cloud-based platform.”

A press release from ePath Learning quoted multiple ePath executives explaining the partnership. One key element in the decision is reportedly the preference of younger workers for online forms of media. Joe Gorman, EVP of Operations at GNC, said, “Launching our learning management system with ePath has been a huge leap for training at GNC. With today’s Millennial workforce we know that it is critical to provide information in the manner in which they are consuming other media, and believe this partnership will help us to deliver training more quickly and in a more relevant format to our associates.”
Additionally, it was pointed out that the type of employee training being provided to GNC is crucial for retail businesses where staff members are often important sources of information for customers. GNC staff often get questions on fitness and nutrition from customers. Its ability to respond knowledgeably to these inquiries and to provide relevant and valid information to customers will not only keep them coming back, but it will also encourage positive word-of-mouth.
“We’ve come to understand the challenges that many retailers face when developing staff,” said Donna Lord, VP of Marketing and Product Management at ePath. Lord recognizes that, particularly for retailers, knowledgeable employees who understand well the products and services they sell are better able to engage with customers, which drives sales.  She says: “Learning management technology plays a powerful role in making employee development faster, more engaging, relevant, and convenient. We’re excited to support GNC with their employee development initiatives and look forward to celebrating many years of training success together.”
The partnership between ePath and GNC is a great example both of the importance of technology in effective employee training and the importance of effective employee training to the success of businesses, as evidenced in such a major investment by GNC.

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