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Should You Practice Dry Runs Before Doing Product Demos?

One of the most uncomfortable aspects of many employees’ careers is the need from time to time to give a presentation or to demonstrate a product to a potential customer. Some employees get extremely nervous during such public presentations.


What It Really Costs When You Don’t Invest in Employee Development

Deciding to invest in the growth of your employees is more than just a question of budget. If your company chooses not to invest in employee development, you’re setting your business up for lower employee engagement rates, lower chances of attracting and retaining talent, and employee stagnation—all of which deeply affect your company’s productivity.

Case Study: GNC Implements Cloud-Based Training Program

“In an effort to maintain product knowledge standards among employees in its 9,000+ retail, franchise, and distribution locations, GNC (stores are General nutrition Centers) has partnered with software company ePath Leaning Inc., to train its employees,” reports Adi Menayang in an article for Nutra Ingredients USA titled “GNC ramps up employee training program with new […]

Coaching Impacts Wellness Programs

Many wellness programs now incorporate technology to appeal to tech-savvy employees, but the human element is still a critical component in the success of wellness programs, according to recent studies.

Onboarding Made Simple

Yesterday, we began to explore how to onboard employees while avoiding legal pitfalls. Today, we will cover a set of steps for streamlining the process.

Compliance: Onboarding 101

Many organizations strive to optimize their recruiting processes to find and hire qualified talent as quickly as possible, yet the challenge isn’t over once their selected candidate accepts the job offer. Companies must also onboard the new hire efficiently, effectively, and compliantly.