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5 Ways to Leverage Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

In a couple of previous posts, we’ve discussed the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We’ve talked about understanding and communicating with diverse markets, discovering new insights, and the importance of diversity and inclusion to your employees. We know it’s important. Now what? Here, we look at five strategies to promote diversity and […]

How to Build a Climate That Encourages Open Communication

A lot of organizations talk about the importance of fostering creativity and openness within their workplaces. Great ideas can come from any level of the company, and these organizations recognize that there is a real danger in leaving decision making exclusively to the upper echelons. However, despite their best efforts, many organizations suffer from company […]

Diversity and Inclusion—Now a Business Imperative

The importance of diversity and inclusion is a topic that was little discussed in years past, but one that is becoming ever more important and gaining increasing interest among scholars and business leaders every year. Over several posts, we’ll look at the topics of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. First, we’ll discuss their importance […]

How to Avoid Giving Bad Advice as a Mentor

Your success as a mentor is tied to the success of your mentees. And while you certainly won’t offer your mentees bad advice on purpose, you might unknowingly do so. (See yesterday’s post with advice for mentees who get bad advice.)