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Training Is Key to Engagement in an Era Full of Distractions and Big Data (Part 1)

We are currently in the middle of a worldwide employee engagement crisis. According to Gallup, approximately 70% of the U.S. workforce is not engaged at work, and over half of the workforce is actively looking for new employment because they’re disengaged at work.
The major culprit for employee disengagement: Employers are focusing on measuring the mounds of data they collect about employees and their engagement instead of actively working toward improving their engagement.1
A whopping 78% of Millennials and Generation Z employees (who make up over half of the workforce) claim that they are distracted at work and that they’re disengaged at work. And one study shows that when training is used to engage these workers and make sure they’re less distracted, they’re more productive, motivated, and happier while at work.2
Here’s how you can effectively train, engage, and develop your employees in an era full of distractions and big data.

Inspire and Implement a Transparent Companywide Learning Culture

One study revealed that 70% of employers believe they can eliminate distractions and use their employee data well if they implement training and systems that promote a companywide learning culture.
Here are a few tips for implementing a transparent companywide learning culture:

  • Constantly stimulate a growth mind-set across departments.
  • Endorse collaboration and self-guided, social, and informal learning.
  • Implement platforms with important data and learning content that everyone can access and easily use.
  • Encourage managers to be coaches and mentors.
  • Develop well-planned programs with metrics that are agile.

Embrace and Implement the Right Technology

First, it’s imperative that you implement learning management systems and data management platforms that are intuitively easy for your employees to use and navigate. Otherwise, your employees will get distracted and frustrated with them. And be sure to implement technology that automates certain data protocols and data analysis so that you and your employees can get back to work and learning. In this era of technology, there’s typically no reason to do a lot of manual data organization and analysis—let the systems do it for you.
Additionally, be sure to implement technology that promotes fun gamified learning and microlearning with short bursts of learning content that’s less than 5 minutes so that it’s a lot less likely your employees will get distracted. And train your employees how to use your technology to ensure they don’t get frustrated with it.

Offer Flexible Work and Training Options

Research shows that most employees want flexible work options, and that flexible work options reap a lot of benefits for employees and employers alike.
When you offer employees flexible work options, you’re allowing them to work when they are ready to work and more likely to be focused. They’ll be more engaged and productive when they’re sitting down to work instead of forcing themselves to unsuccessfully work as they’re waiting for the clock to strike five.
Likewise, training content that can be accessed remotely can prove to be more effective because employees will engage with the content when it’s convenient for them and they’re free of distractions.
Tomorrow’s post will provide more tips for training, engaging, and developing your employees in an era of distractions and big data.

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