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The Power and Possibilities of Personalized Learning

Educators and other learning and development (L&D) professionals have long known that every individual learns differently. Some learners prefer learning on their own, while others are more suited to a classroom setting. Some are visual learners, while others are auditory learners, and some thrive on group work, while others benefit more from individual study. Given […]

New Data Reveals How Recruiters Can Overcome Today’s Evolving Job Market

Competition for talent remains tight in today’s uncertain hiring landscape, with the latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary (JOLTS) report sharing that job openings have increased to 10.7 million. And while talks of a recession and hiring slowdown dominate the narrative, employers will continue to experience challenges in attracting and hiring high-quality candidates for […]

Why Technology Won’t Solve Your Recruiting Problems

With the vast amount of available technology today, it’s not surprising that recruiters are relying on tech to streamline the hiring process. As someone who’s spent 30 years working primarily with tech firms, I get it: Technology is valuable and useful. It’s brought success to many companies and helped them save time and money. But […]

Best of Technology 2022

Technology is an integral part of daily life, and the working world is no exception. As many companies adapted to remote or hybrid work in the past year, technological tools and software are an essential part of HR pros’ toolkits. That said, HR faces countless tech challenges: 24% of HR leaders cite remote and hybrid […]

Why the Big Layoffs in Big Tech?

What do Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook parent company Meta have in common? Well, besides the obvious fact that they’re all major tech companies, all three firms have recently announced significant employee layoffs. Massive Layoffs Strike Big Tech Meta, which also owns WhatsApp and Instagram, announced the layoff of over 11,000 employees in early November. Following […]

The 2023 Tech Industry Is Primed for Staff Augmentation

When it comes to the future of the tech industry, everything rides on the quality of its workers. But we’re facing two main issues. First, there’s a widening gap between the skills companies are looking for and the skills workers are being trained in. It’s estimated the skills gap will contribute to around 2.4 million […]

Hiring Shouldn’t Be This Problematic—Technology Can Help 

Doesn’t it seem like the hiring process should be more streamlined by now? According to Glassdoor, it can take an average of 23.8 days to get an offer from a U.S.-based company. Some employers can extend that time up to 30 days.  A long, laborious hiring process isn’t good for employers or job candidates, so […]

Mental Wellbeing and Resilience: Tech + Culture to the Rescue

We don’t need to define the concept of “mental health” anymore. Internet searches for help and assistance with it were one of the most talked-about trends of 2021, and that trend hasn’t abated. The COVID pandemic shone a much-deserved spotlight on the issue, however overdue it might have seemed. As our society comes to terms […]

The Right Way to Approach Digital Transformation in the Digital Era

Recent years have shown that digital transformation is not just a luxury but also a necessity. What was once something cutting-edge companies did to keep up with modern trends has now become the truth of how most companies operate, due in no small part to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, while many companies think a digital […]

Having Trouble Retaining Gen Z? Why the Consumerization of IT May Be the Answer

According to a recent Deloitte survey, 40% of Gen Z workers would like to leave their current jobs within 2 years. Where are organizations missing the mark when it comes to retaining this generation? Organizations must consider whether they are providing the same level of efficiency that Gen Z is used to in their personal […]