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Canadian government enhances maternity leave benefits, proposes to strengthen harassment and violence prevention

by Clayton Jones On November 9, the federal government announced that changes to the Employment Insurance (EI) program relating to parental, maternity, and caregiving benefits will come into effect on December 3. The EI program provides temporary income support to partially replace lost employment income to individuals who are off work for various reasons. On […]

Changes coming to union certification process for federally regulated employers

by Daniel Mayer On June 16, important changes regarding union certification and decertification for federally regulated employers in Canada will come into effect. The federally regulated sector includes interprovincial and international transportation companies, airlines, railways, banks, and employees who work for the federal government.

Indefinite protection for federal employee disabled by work-related injury

by Nicola Sutton When the employment relationship becomes impossible to perform because of a factor outside the control of a Canadian employer or employee, the employee’s employment can be terminated by virtue of frustration of contract. When an employee won’t be able to return to work because of injury or illness, the same applies. But […]

Another Gong Sounds for the End to Mandatory Retirement

By Ralph N. Nero and Keri L. Bennett Following the earlier lead of many Canadian provinces, the federal government has now outlawed mandatory retirement for federally regulated employers such as banks, telecommunications companies, airlines, and railways. Like many provincial governments have done, the federal government has repealed provisions under the Canadian Human Rights Act that […]

Supreme Court Decides Legal Costs in Canadian Human Rights Tribunal Case

By Hadiya Roderique The Supreme Court of Canada recently considered whether the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has the authority to award legal costs to a successful complainant. As we noted in an earlier bulletin, this case could have major ramifications in human rights litigation across Canada. Complaint Donna Mowat brought a human rights complaint against […]

New Defense Against Overtime Class Actions Confirmed

by Donovan Plomp McCarthy Tetrault The British Columbia Court of Appeal just issued an important decision about an employee’s right to make a statute-based overtime claim in a civil action. The decision, Macaraeg v. E Care Contact Centers Ltd., should make BC employers very happy. And it may provide a new defense to overtime pay […]