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Help or hindrance: Do workplace flexibility policies really work?

Progressive HR departments have been on the workplace flexibility bandwagon for years now as employers try to recruit and retain top talent. The best and brightest will be productive, loyal and creative contributors if they have time to tend to what’s important in their lives outside of the workplace, the thinking goes. Recently, though, headlines […]

Changing times bringing more demand for workplace flexibility

by Tammy Binford Certainly, the workplace has seen dramatic change in recent years. Changes brought on by economic turmoil, technological advances, and new thinking about traditional employer-employee roles have made the workplace a much different place than it was just a decade ago. Leading the way in this new world of work is the concept […]

Adopt a Formal Flextime Policy

Employment law attorney Robert P. Tinnin, Jr., answers an HR practitioner’s question about improving a flextime program that has become unmanageable.

Flexible Workplace Programs Promote Work-Life Balance

“Work-life balance” is one of the most popular HR buzz phrases. Yet until a few years ago, work-life concerns were relatively unheard of. Nontraditional workplace and scheduling alternatives like working from home were considered a perk available to a fortunate few or as a temporary accommodation for a stressed-out employee. Employer programs like the flexible […]