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Have You Heard About Our Newest Recruiting Event?

Forum Events, a leading networking event lineup that lets senior-level executives meet with high-quality solution providers, improving return on investment by optimizing the sourcing process, is pleased to announce the addition of two new summits to the event roster for 2019.


What You Should Look for in a Language-Learning Program and Why

Going global? Already there? English is still the lingua franca abroad, but this is taken for granted. Stepping into the ring with a limited perspective will prove detrimental to your current or future international business endeavors. It’s time for the English-only workplace to plug language-training programs into their LMS. Standing out among the competition depends on it.


Which Soft Skills Do Your Leaders Need, and How Can You Set Them Up for Success?

When HR departments look for training and development programs for their organizations’ leaders and high potentials, they often focus on industry-specific and job-related tasks. This is because—much more than “soft skills” like communication, teamwork, or critical analysis—these more concrete skills are easier to standardize across departments and titles and simpler to evaluate and teach.