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Holistic Employee Advancement: Ensuring Success Beyond Promotion

It’s what we’re all supposed to be striving for at work: the promotion. The holy grail of employment. However, according to ADP research, recently promoted people are more likely to quit their jobs. Why might frontline workers, specifically, quit when faced with new roles? They may encounter a gap between their skills and those required […]

Stop Thinking About Your Frontline Workers Like Second-Class Citizens

Recently, I had a conversation with an HR leader, and they lumped their workforce into two broad categories. There were knowledge workers — and everyone else. Categories and labels are useful for communication and a shared lexicon can make it easier to get things done. Except when they don’t. What can feel efficient, good enough, or […]

Mental Health Paradox of Frontline Workers

Frontline workers, the backbone of essential services, face a mental health paradox that’s both concerning and under-addressed. A recent study by meQuilibrium (meQ) on over 1,183 U.S.-based workers, including both frontline and non-frontline employees, sheds light on this critical issue. Frontline Workers Take a Hit Despite facing significantly higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression, […]

Frontline Industries Are Demanding Change in 2024

In 2023, frontline workers witnessed several milestones that sparked significant change within their work environments and everyday lives. With increased labor movements, we saw a surge of awareness and advocacy for employees on the frontline that influenced many organizations to redirect their focus toward workplace reform and improving working conditions. As we reflect on 2023 […]

How Technology Can Address the Growing Safety Concerns of Frontline Workers

There’s a serious disconnect in the frontline workspace. Many businesses are unaware that over 58% of employees believe the risk of being physically harmed on the job is rising. Additionally, 40% of them reported an increase in concerns about personal safety just in the last year. They no longer feel safe.  There are a few reasons that […]

Faces of HR: Cris Grossmann on Being an Agent of Change, the Cost of Inaction & Pushing Boundaries

Cris Grossmann’s passion for frontline workers was ignited during his childhood growing up in Mexico City. On summer afternoons, he’d visit both of his grandfathers who worked in factories and each one taught him valuable lessons. On one hand, Grossmann learned how to produce paints and color and, on the other, he learned how a […]

Faces of HR: How One HR Pro is Recognizing and Celebrating Women on Women’s History Month

With March being National Women’s History Month and March 8th being International Women’s Day, many organizations are likely planning to pay tribute to the women on their teams and recognize the many contributions that they have made. Our latest Faces profile is not only right on time but also no exception. Andrea Ferrara, CHRO at PepsiCo […]

How to Protect Frontline Workers Against Rising Workplace Violence

While the stress of the holiday season has passed, many frontline workers still face challenging situations during each shift—and it’s getting worse. A  recent survey found that 70% of frontline workers think customers have become more hostile, with more than half (59%) experiencing conflicts daily. Despite the uptick in hostile situations, more than a third […]

3 Reasons to ‘Labor Hoard’ Frontline Workers with a Recession Looming

In the face of uncertain economic outlooks, many large corporations begin quickly looking for ways to slash budgets and save money internally. One of the most common ways they try to accomplish this? By trimming their workforce. Layoffs save companies money quickly and in large sums, but cutting back on employees is often a shortsighted […]