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Challenges and Strategies for Giving Feedback to Gen Z

Providing feedback to Gen Z employees can be uniquely challenging for managers. As the youngest generation in the workforce, Gen Z has distinct characteristics and communication preferences that can differ significantly from older generations. And yet, finding a way to connect with this generation is essential for the future of every business, because Gen Z […]

Keeping Gen Z Engaged in the Workplace

Ready or not, Generation Z’s digital-savvy, socially conscious professionals have entered the workforce. Ranging in age from 12 to 27, Gen Z makes up 30% of the world’s population and will make up just as much of the workforce by 2030. Today, over 17 million young and eager Gen Z workers are already claiming their […]

Survey Explores Experience of Gen Z in the Workplace

Staying ahead of workforce trends is crucial for HR professionals and people managers. A recent report by iHire offers valuable insights into the Gen Z workforce, providing essential guidance for recruitment and retention strategies. Tackling Stereotypes and Bias A significant finding is that 34.4% of Gen Zs believe negative stereotypes about their generation will hinder […]

Leadership In the AI Age: How to Manage When Your Organization Has More Machines Than People

It’s here. The once science fiction scenario where the world is filled with more machines than people is now a pressing reality. Like it or not, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has entered the workplace–and on a global scale. It’s a pivotal moment for business leaders, and with huge implications. And while this reality may seem daunting […]

How to Avoid a PR Nightmare: Lessons Learned from CloudFlare’s Viral Firing of Tech Worker

Brittany Pietsch, a former account executive at Cloudflare, recently gained viral attention by sharing a nine-minute video of her termination on TikTok. Anticipating the termination after her colleague’s dismissal half an hour earlier, Pietsch titled the video, POV: You’re about to get laid off. Enjoy the trauma! 🙂 In the video, two company representatives who […]

Do You Have the Right Tools to Train Gen Z Effectively in the Hybrid World?

Here comes a fresh wave of faces into the workforce—a younger, spirited, and green group carrying with them a different take on what a workplace “vibe” should feel like. Born as the ’90s were winding down and growing up through the 2000s, Gen Z is expected to make up 27% of the workforce in just […]

Is Your Onboarding Gen Z-Ready? 4 Must-Follow Steps to Success

Gen Zs are entering a very different workforce than previous generations. Technology and the emergence of remote and hybrid work continue to reshape how teams operate, while Gen Z employees bring a new set of skills, needs, and expectations to the table. In this quickly evolving landscape, it’s become clear the old way of onboarding […]

HR Query: How to Incentivize Gen Z in the Workplace

Gen Z has entered the workforce and is bringing unique skills and valuable perspectives to the organizations where they work. According to the World Economic Forum, the demographic is expected to make up 27% of the workforce by 2025. Gen Z is already shifting workplace culture and setting trends, ultimately forcing organizations to adapt to […]

7 Things Gen Z Workers Value Most

As digital natives, Gen Z workers have the potential to bring unique skills and valuable perspectives to the organizations where they work. Having experienced significant challenges at a young age, including the COVID-19 pandemic and entering the workforce during a period of considerable uncertainty, Gen Zs possess a distinctive combination of resilience and empathy that […]

The Role HR Plays in Corporate Sustainability

In recent years, the topic of the environment has been on everyone’s mind. Jobseekers increasingly care about finding employers that prioritize sustainability, especially millennial and Gen Z employees, who place a lot of importance on the values of their potential employers. Many people want to know what steps they can take; how they can make […]