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Mother’s Day 2015: a time to explore gender equality at work

Mother’s Day—since it’s always on Sunday—doesn’t typically get a lot of attention in most workplaces. Moms might get a quick shout-out during a meeting or in the office newsletter, but for most moms appreciation on their special day comes outside of work. The human resources department, however, might be smart to remember the benefits of […]

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Tech giants exploring gender gap within their ranks

What gives? The number of women graduating from college each year passed the number of men marking the same achievement years ago, but women remain underrepresented in the college majors sought by technology employers. That surely accounts for part of the gender gap afflicting tech employers, but corporate culture also is often seen as a […]


Steps to take toward gender equality

by Dinita James In the mid-1970s, I wore an ERA bracelet in support of ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). I also had a button that displayed only two numbers and a symbol ― 62 ¢. The 62 cents signified the then-current national average of women’s earnings for every dollar earned by men. Some […]


She works hard for the money

by Kylie Crawford TenBrook Several years ago, I attended a celebration for one of my brothers, who had just become an Eagle Scout. Several relatives were there, including some distant relatives I hadn’t seen in years. One of those distant relatives, who is close to my age, approached me, and the following exchange took place. […]