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Is It Worth Training Older Employees?

Avoiding potentially offensive clichés about old dogs and new tricks … providing training for older employees can provide a lot of value to employee and employer alike. Many of these employees have years of valuable experience but could benefit from a bit of brushing up on the latest technologies and techniques used in their industries. […]

Suddenly Critical: Recruiting and Retaining Older Workers

With the unemployment rate sitting at 4.1 percent—the lowest seen since 2000, employers are struggling to attract and maintain the best talent. In an environment where competition for the best and the brightest is increasingly high, and valued workers are leaving companies in larger numbers, taking institutional knowledge with them, every employee counts. Older workers […]

Myths About a Multigenerational Workforce, Dispelled 

There are now five generations in the workforce.1 While some industry leaders think this causes a lot of problems and conflicting interests, a lot of research is concluding the opposite. Myths about a multigenerational workforce must be dispelled and dismissed from conversations if businesses truly want a productive and effective workforce. Keep reading to see […]


Creating Leadership Programs for Millennials

 Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025, yet very few organizations create leadership programs for them.1 And as a result, around 40% of Millennials leave their jobs within the first 2 years to search for advancement opportunities elsewhere,2 costing businesses billions of dollars every year. Here’s how to create leadership programs […]


Are You Losing Out on the Value of Your Retirees?

It’s been forecast for quite some time now—the outflux of aging Baby Boomers, now reaching (even surpassing) retirement age. The Recession put a damper on some of these plans, and while many employees are choosing to stay employed for longer periods of time, employers are finding themselves faced with increasing retirements and, in some cases, […]

What’s Different About Gen Z

There’s a new generation entering the workforce: Gen Z. They’re the group that was born after 1997; the oldest are now turning 20. While, as is true of generations before them, they share both similarities and differences with the other four generations that comprise their colleagues, there are some distinct differences about this generation, likely […]

Dealing With 5 Generations in the Workplace

The economic downturn that hit the nation in 2008 as well as the tendency for people to live longer and healthier lives than ever before have both contributed to a tendency for employees to choose to stay in the workplace longer, delaying their retirement.

How to Engage Young, Fresh Minds

Some of those individuals who have just left school or college and are looking for work will be the leaders of the future in business terms. So, if a company wishes to add new blood to their workforce, it’s an ideal time to find the best ways of engaging these young, fresh minds; to analyze […]