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10 L&D Programs Every Enterprise Should Offer in 2018 (Part 2)

[Part 1 of this article appeared in yesterday’s issue.]
Here are five more learning and development (L&D) programs every enterprise should offer in 2018.

Regular Refresher Training

Technology is updated and improved at rapid rates, and data analytics will capture a large amount of data that is constantly being updated, too. Offer refresher training to your employees so they can keep up with these updates on a regular basis. Be sure they always know how to use various platforms they access and that they always know what to do with the data they have access to, even as they fluctuate.

Leadership Development Programs

As of 2015, Millennials make up a majority of the workforce, according to Pew Research. Like it or not, they’re the leaders of the immediate future. And they want jobs to be development opportunities. They also want to make a real impact through their employers. So, leadership development programs in 2018 will need to focus on causes that support social good, while providing employees with individualized and personalized development opportunities.

Customized Hands-On Training

With advances in technology, employees expect and require training that is customized to fit into the framework of their daily workflows and that meets the specific needs of their job roles and functions. Again, employees are beginning to desire jobs as development opportunities, and they won’t be satisfied with simply punching a clock. In 2018, enterprises will need to offer hands-on training experiences that immerse employees in meaningful learning on an ongoing basis, learning that’s relevant to them and their career trajectories.

Upskilling and Cross-Training

In 2018, more enterprises will invest in training that upskills their current workforce, while offering employees opportunities to learn skills in different departments or roles. Often, job announcements will go unfilled because there aren’t qualified candidates. But enterprises will start tapping into their current workforce to shape their skills into what the enterprise needs. And they’ll also start offering employees more opportunities to develop their skills in relation to each employee’s desired career trajectory.

Enhanced People Skills, Communication Skills, and Emotional Intelligence Training

As remote work gains in popularity, as well as technology use, training employees in communication skills will be even more essential. As employees spend less time interacting with one another in face-to-face meetings and in the office, soft skills will begin to be even more important. Soft skills, such as emotional intelligence, teamwork and collaboration, and negotiation, are rising in importance as enterprises become more global, remote, and diverse in 2018 and beyond.
Don’t let your enterprise fall behind its competition. Be sure to offer the L&D programs listed above in 2018.

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