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Looking for solutions to the talent gap? Don’t forget legal concerns

Employers in an array of fields lament a shortage of talent. Sometimes employers are able to attract a flood of eager applicants, but few possess the skills and qualities needed. Other times, employers need people for special, short-term projects, and they don’t want to take on full-time, permanent employees to get the job done. No […]


New study finds retention the top goal of employee benefits programs

Employers have many objectives when planning what benefits to offer employees. Certainly, they want their benefits packages to help attract top talent and boost engagement and loyalty among employees. Employers also hope their benefits packages help workers successfully blend work and home life, and they like to offer benefits that will enable employees to participate […]

EEOC broadens priorities in new enforcement plan

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is signaling employers that the agency is expanding its focus on emerging employment issues. And given the drastic change taking place in today’s workplace, the new priorities aren’t surprising, according to an attorney well-versed on the “gig economy” and other challenging employment issues.  The EEOC recently announced its updated […]