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The Evolving Landscape of Remote Work

The pandemic-induced remote work revolution has seen various shifts, with some companies now advocating for a return to the office. But what’s driving this change, and are all companies on board? Companies Bringing Workers Back to the Office As summarized in an article for Business Insider, many big-name companies have been putting pressure on staff […]

Why Companies Should Keep Remote Work – and Not Follow Disney’s RTO Plans

Disney, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan are just a few of the companies calling their employees back to the office. For some it’s about productivity and collaboration while others believe that “nothing can replace” in-person work. But is there really an advantage to in-office time for every company?  In 2021, 70 percent of those who […]


Goldman Sachs Relaxes Dress Code

There’s a certain image that probably comes to mind for many of us when we think of Wall Street bankers: expensive suits and well-groomed people.

Public Disclosure by Former Employees: Could the Goldman Sachs Nightmare Happen to You?

by Peter A. Jones Few would question that the world has changed. Collectively, social media, unlimited Internet access, and a shift in the way news is gathered and reported have created a different and challenging environment when employees go “public.” Indeed, the very definition of what constitutes “news” is constantly evolving, as is the news […]

Hit and Run

I ran across a number of things this week that I thought were worthy of comment.  Instead of choosing one, I thought I would try to get them all in. In the “It’s About Time” category, the board of BP negotiated the departure of Tony Hayward as CEO of the oil company and replaced him […]