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Does Your Dress Code Measure Up?

by Scott Holt and Margaret DiBianca For some employees, the weekend starts early, say Wednesday or Thursday, with shorts, jeans, T-shirts, tank tops, and other very casual attire in the office. Revealing clothes, in turn, disclose body piercings and tattoos — things you may prefer to keep covered up. If your employees are coming to […]

Sexual Harassment: An Interactive Tool to Keep You Out of Trouble

An engaging program uses interactivity to help keep your employees from crossing that oh-so-important line into the danger zone. A recent Daily Advisor explained the concept of “preventive law,” which, like preventive medicine, seeks to avoid workplace legal trouble before it happens. There’s a lot of trouble to prevent. As the story noted, defending the […]

You’ve Been Charged With Discrimination! Now What?

If an EEOC “Notice of Charge of Discrimination” lands on your desk, don’t panic. Here’s what you should do. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday we celebrate today, devoted his life to fighting discrimination. He likely would have been proud to see what has been achieved, often in his name … the creation of […]

Sexual Orientation: New Law Expands Protections

Governor Schwarzenegger recently signed S.B. 1441, which expands discrimination protections for individuals in programs or activities conducted, operated, or administered by the state or state agency, or that’s funded directly by the state, or receives any financial assistance from the state. This includes programs such as workers’ compensation and unemployment and disability insurance. Join us […]

15-Year Sexual Harassment Report Card Brings Good News and Bad News for Employers

Lawsuits are down, but judgments are up, and training remains the answer October 2006 marks 15 years since the term “sexual harassment” entered the American lexicon in a big way. Americans came to know it through the testimony of Anita Hill, as she complained about alleged unwelcome advances from her ex-boss, now-Supreme Court Justice Clarence […]

Sexual Harassment: It Also Damages the Team

A new study shows what effect sexual harassment has on workplace teams. In a word: Conflict If you need another reason to quell sexual harassment in your workplace, beyond a potentially monster lawsuit, Jana L. Rever and Michele J. Gelfand have it for you. Rever and Gelfand, both associated with university business schools, conducted a […]

Workplace Discrimination: An Effective Way to Prevent It

With terrorism has come increasing discrimination. Here’s a way to prevent it in your workplace. Since the horrors of five Septembers ago, Americans have lived in a charged atmosphere about race and religion. Despite long-standing ideals of tolerance, the actions of a violent few are often blamed on all the members of certain races or […]

Harassment: 8 Elements Your Policy Must Have

Your sexual harassment at work policy needs to be clear and complete, but the policy must then be followed by a strong and active training program. Ever since the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission began its emphasis on ending sexual harassment at work, this issue has been one of the most difficult to police. A sexual […]