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Do Applicant Gimmicks Sway Your Hiring Decisions?

HR Daily Advisor is no stranger to unusual interviews and wacky jobseeker tactics; you can find proof here, here, here, and here. As the war for talent rages on and unemployment continues to be in record lows, jobseekers want to stand out as top candidates and are trying new tricks to get their résumés to […]


Expert Tips for Recruiting Passive Candidates

In the dating world, you often hear, “Why are all the good ones taken?” It seems like a lot of dating analogies can be applied to recruiting, as well. And it makes sense because finding the right guy or gal for a relationship is equally as difficult as finding the right candidate for the role […]


Making Diversity and Inclusion a Journey, Not an Initiative

A diverse and inclusive workforce is almost universally touted, but it is still an elusive goal for many employers. A foolproof formula for achieving diversity and inclusion may not exist, but understanding the benefits, getting buy-in from the top, and fostering the right attitude are important steps toward achieving the goal.


Diversifying the Tech Industry: How Female Talent Can Get Ahead

Gender diversity is important for every organization, but there’s one industry that is consistently in the news for being the least diverse of them all: the information technology (IT) industry, or, more commonly, the “tech industry.”

Pros and Cons to Internal Promotion vs. External Hiring

There are numerous factors hiring managers and other executives must take into account when making decisions for a new position. These include everything from defining a job description to creating a salary range and, of course, whether to bring in an external hire or promote an internal employee. This is typically one of the most […]

What Does a Quick-Start Guide for Managers Look Like?

According to a 2014 report from Gallup, companies make the wrong choice in picking managers nearly 82% of the time. This has significant consequences for organizational productivity, as poor employee engagement is attributed to poor managers nearly 70% of the time. While the blame partly lies with management for its failure to bet on the […]


Why Speed of Hire Is So Important in a Candidate-Driven Market

In a candidate-driven market, jobseekers rule the hiring process and if yours is taking too long, top talent will turn to the competition to get employed faster. John Sullivan—PhD and Professor of Management at San Francisco State University—recently discussed why a speedy hiring process is so important for recruiting high-quality candidates.