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Holiday Hiring: Mistakes That Cost Retailers Thousands

Nearly all retailers across the country (96 percent) are planning to hire at least some workers for this year’s holiday shopping season, according to HR software provider UKG. Key findings of the survey also found that at least 2 in 5 retailers say their stores’ top staffing priorities when planning for seasonal spikes include keeping current staff engaged, […]

How to Recruit Great Seasonal Candidates During the Holidays

The holidays of 2023 hold great promise for employment opportunities. For instance, economists are optimistic about the prospects for teen employment as businesses ramp up their hiring efforts for the season. This blog post will share actionable and original tactics to help you stand out as an employer and attract top-notch seasonal candidates during the […]


Will COVID-19 Impact Holiday Hiring?

The hunt for holiday talent would normally be well underway in “normal” circumstances, but given the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve come to expect that nothing is “normal” these days, and that can be said for holiday hiring, as well.


The State of Holiday Hiring in 2019: Questions Answered

2018 saw a surge of holiday hiring in the United States, with more than 700,000 positions open. The Palmer Forecast predicts an even greater demand for seasonal workers this season. Unfortunately, the need for additional talent is clashing with the current unemployment rate in the country, which remains very low at 3.1%.

Avoiding Bad Holiday Hires

If you are like many organizations, you likely haven’t completed all of your holiday hiring. That’s because hiring is a real challenge, even when you don’t need twice the help as soon as possible. Many have the instinct to simply fill those slots as easily as they can. According to at least one expert, however, […]