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Want to Make Remote Workforce Permanent? Be Careful

The COVID-19 pandemic may have permanently changed the future of work. From banking to insurance and the legal industry, employers have embraced remote work for employees. Before March 2020, many companies allowed only a select few people to work remotely—typically exempt employees who travel. Now, they’re permitting more employees to work from home.

Ignoring Employee’s Overtime Won’t Make It Go Away

By Kate McGovern Tornone, Editor When an employee works overtime, an employer can’t ignore those hours. Even if an employee fails to report the hours, an employer may be liable for back pay and damages if it “should have known” the employee was working overtime, a recent case illustrates.

California Supreme Court Issues Meal and Rest Break Ruling

By Mark I. Schickman California employers have been waiting since October 2008 for the California Supreme Court to issue its ruling in the Brinker Restaurant case, clarifying whether employers must “ensure” that employees take meal and rest breaks or simply “provide” those breaks. Today, the court unanimously served up a major victory to California employers […]

Challenging Times in Canada Present Opportunities for Creative Solutions

by Katie Clayton In this economic climate in Canada, many employers are being forced to find ways to reduce costs, which often means layoffs. But layoffs don’t have to be the only answer — you can reduce costs without losing valuable employees. One way businesses can do so is to slightly reduce their employees hours […]