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Race a Factor in Advancement in Silicon Valley

A new study finds that while the San Francisco Bay Area is home to one of the most heterogeneous populations in the United States, diversity in technology leadership roles has generally stagnated over the last decade.

Feels good AND Positive Business Results

In yesterday’s Advisor, River Software’s Randy Emelo and HP’s Becky Simeon, PhD, talked about the big changes in corporate learning and, particularly, the move toward social learning. Today, the benefits of social learning systems.

E-Learning Out, Social Learning In at HP

In the 90s, we all went to e-learning, says River Software’s Randy Emelo, but today, it’s all about micro-learning—bite-sized chunks of learning, the shorter the better. You tear it apart, then talk about what you are doing—that’s social learning.

HP Adopts Social Learning—E-Learning Is a Thing of the Past

E-learning was very popular in the 90s, says River Software’s Randy Emelo. However, in the 21st century, the focus has shifted to bite-sized chunks of learning, the shorter the better—something we call micro-learning. Tearing information apart, then talking about what you are doing—that’s social learning.

Education Is the Key to Effective Wellness Programs

“Well on the Way: Engaging Employees in Workplace Wellness,” a white paper released by Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company, explains that strong communication drives the effectiveness of wellness programs. The company has found that more than half of workers do not know enough about their company’s wellness programs to participate in them. Winners of […]

Like Brett Favre, Mark Hurd Takes His Game Elsewhere

I was intrigued to learn this week that Hewlett-Packard had sued to prevent its former CEO, Mark Hurd, from joining Oracle Corp. as co-president. You may recall that a few weeks ago I commented that I thought HP had done the right thing by parting ways with Mr. Hurd after he violated the company’s standard […]

Did HP’s Board Make the Right Call?

When a colleague suggested I write about Hewlett Packard’s firing of CEO Mark Hurd, I wasn’t sure there was anything of value to say about this situation. But on further reflection I think there is a clear lesson in all of this. You might recall that on August 6, Hurd resigned under pressure from HP’s […]

How the Mighty Have Fallen (Again)

by Katherine Pollock Recently, we learned of a scandal out of the United States that cost a top CEO his job. On August 6, Mark Hurd, the chair, CEO, and president of Hewlett Packard for the past five years, “resigned” under intense pressure from the board. While it was an allegation of sexual harassment that […]

Religious Accommodation: Court Upholds Discharge Of Employee Who Posted Bible Verses In Response To Diversity Campaign

Many employers try to combat workplace bias with diversity programs that emphasize the company’s commitment to respecting differences, such as sexual orientation. But suppose an employee with strong religious beliefs posts messages offensive to a protected group. What are your obligations—to the employee and co-workers—in this situation? A new case addresses this problem.