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Hiring Help: Outsourcing the Talent Acquisition Function

Are you an HR department of one or a small business that doesn’t have the time to source and hire top talent? Have you considered outsourcing this function to help fill vacancies faster? If so, you may be confused by all the options available to you.

HR Departments of One Have These 5 Priorities

Last week, I shared anecdotal concerns from attendees at SHRM 2019’s session “The Top Five Priorities for an HR Department of One.” The session was given by Jennifer Currence, SHRM-SCP, MBA, and President of The Currence Group. Here, I would like to share the top five concerns, in descending order, of HR departments of one. […]

What Are the Real-World Concerns of an HR Department of 1?

Among organizations in and around the United States, 30% have only one HR professional. That’s according to SHRM’s president and CEO, who gave that figure during the opening keynote at the 2019 Annual Conference and Exposition. That represents a great number of individuals who single-handedly manage every HR aspect for their organization.

Establishing the Value of People Analytics Outside of HR

Most organizations have come to appreciate the contributions that people analytics (PA) makes to corporate performance—at least in the HR realm. What is not so apparent is how PA can drive results in many areas of the enterprise. This article points out strategies and avenues for extending PA relevance throughout the larger organization.

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities—Why Bad Actors Target HR Departments

Your organization’s C-suite isn’t the only target at risk of cyberattacks. Cybercriminals frequently target human resources (HR) departments with the goal of collecting financial and personally identifiable information (PII). HR departments not only are more likely to have cybersecurity vulnerabilities but also are the keepers of a great deal of personal and confidential information.


3 Long-Lasting Impacts of Effective Onboarding

If you’re approaching onboarding as a quick way to get forms signed and mandatory trainings completed, you’re missing out on a boatload of benefits. Sure, there are operational tasks that have to be completed when a new employee starts. But a thoughtful onboarding program can provide so much more. Effective onboarding can deliver results that […]


Why Isn’t Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Working?

As I write this article, the newspapers and airwaves are filled with more reports of alleged sexual harassment in workplaces around the country. It’s as though the media has suddenly discovered a whole new world of discrimination to report on. For HR managers, these stories aren’t surprising—they’re frustrating.

Rethink HR: A changing world means new people practices

by Brad Federman It’s time to rethink HR. It’s actually way past due. Globalization, millennials entering the workforce, a shift to contract and part-time labor, an increase in diversity, technology that encourages networking, and open communications are just a few of the signs that illustrate the shift in the workplace. HR should be at the […]

Exploring how top management can get the most out of HR

Nobody likes the idea of being exploited. Such a notion conjures up feelings of being abused and unfairly taken advantage of. But turn the notion around. What serious human resources professionals wouldn’t welcome working for an organization that fully “exploits” their talents and skills?  HR pros have long advocated taking a larger role as a […]